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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 5 of Birthday Month

What do you expect from a Monday?  My work day started out shitty, my work day got progressively shittier, my work day ended shitty.

It was not my ideal rock star birth month day.. I said I was going to rock this month out but sometimes that's just beyond our own control.

The plus side of the day?
After dinner, Steve and I went to his parents house to raid their Christmas ornaments to find the ones he wants to keep forever and hang on our tree.  Steve's mom is a giver, and by that I mean, she tries to give everything away... and she has a LOT of stuff to give!  LOL, it's pretty funny... I swear she offered us everything from a grape to the entire Christmas Tree!
We did get a pretty snowman that lights up and has glitter running through him:

Steve's parents have a train track on the upper part of the tree, it runs in 2 minute cycles
The outside of their house - all red lights, it's pretty bomb.
ugh, so i guess that got blurry, but that's the beginning stages of their tree, blurry.
now to go through and find a place for everything else we got! :) 

The super plus side of this day is that my grandma is out of the hospital and back home.  I didn't blog about it this weekend because it just didn't feel right.  She's not out of the woods fully, but she lives in an assisted living complex, so she has plenty of help around.
She hasn't been feeling well, so last week my aunts took her in to the ER (based on her past, they thought the ER was a better and fast option of being seen) - turns out she just needed a 'tune up' as the docs call it.  She has some fluid building up around her lungs - typical of someone her age with the conditions she has (heart and lung disease).  Well the docs wanted to keep her a bit longer to try and figure out why her shortness of breath became so much worse in so little time... turns out she had some blood clots in her legs that spread up to her heart and lungs, so her heart was working OT to try and pump.  The heart looks good (after several heart attacks in the past 5 years) but she is now on blood thinners and needs to start being more active all while being careful not to fall.
Again, not out of the woods, but well on her way to 'better'.  My gma is one tough cookie - I've never seen a woman in the hospital with so much spunk and desire to live, she's 87 years old and still giving it all she's got.  
It seems for the past few years in December, she's been giving us a reason to appreciate family during the Holidays.  A few years ago in December she had her first heart attack... another one the following December.  Last year she all of the sudden couldn't hear  - some drops and shots later, she can hear as well as any old lady.
This year we have this whole blood clot thing to deal with - not ideal, but it could be worse.  
Sometime I plan to write a whole post about my grandma, maybe I'll do it this month.  I have a lot of dirt on her as she is more than willing to share all of her life stories with her children and grandchildren.  

For those of you who believe in a higher power or who believe in the power of prayer, maybe just throw in a word or two for my gma, would ya?


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I know how hard it can be when a grandparent isn't feeling well - I called my grandma on Sunday and could just hear in her voice that everything isn't quite right. It's sad =-( I'm sending your grandma lots of good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely say a prayer for your grandma, and I hope to hear some of her stories!

The train track on the tree is awesome.

Kristi said...

I hope your Grandma is doing better!

Dana said...

Is your grandma any better now? I hope so! On another note, the train around the tree is funny and cute!


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