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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 2 of Birthday Month

I woke up expecting to paint today... but because of my burn, I decided to call my mom and cancel plans to paint.  I didn't get holes filled or primer purchased in prep for painting (I was supposed to do that last night, but I decided to grab a hot skillet instead).

So I woke up and made breakfast (Steve was kind enough to make me a pot of coffee before he left for work), and relaxed a bit.
I put some beef in the crock pot to make this:

I had plans to meet Krysten for coffee at 11am.  Our 2 hour coffee date was super fun - we met in the middle (we live about an hour from each other) and talked about everything ranging from her boyfriend being a vampire to how it'd be wrong for me to snoop around my house to find my birthday present :)  A few things in-between as well.

I came home to a wonderful smelling house - YUM.

Steve came home from work with these:

Which are now sitting on our mantle (eek, it's a dark one):
Not sure if it's because I burnt my hand yesterday or if it was because he loves me so much... I'm pretty sure the reason doesn't matter, I love my flowers!

The dinner was a hit!  The french dips had great flavor and we have a ton of leftover meat - I can't wait to eat more!
I also made this:

The tomatoes were not as exciting as I expected.  It was kind of like eating a little pizza or something, I suppose since it was baked tomato with parm, it tasted just like tomato based sauce.  It was alright... but not as good as the picture makes it look.

Here is what the meal ended up looking like:

After dinner I chilled for a bit and then went to my brothers new job to have a drink with my mom and a family friend who was in town.  I meant to take a picture, but forgot to make that happen.

Oh hey, by the way, in the month of November Steve took our white board wall and drew a nice Thanksgiving picture, I'm not sure if I ever shared it here:

Well, for the first half of December (since my birthday is on the 16th), we have this on the wall:

I can't wait to see what he comes up with for the second half of December!

A great second day of birthday month :)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I told Iz about the vampire thing and explained that if he knows any really hot werewolves that he should feel free to send them our way. He said he'd work on it =-)

Those french dips look SO much better than the ones we serve at Perkins... and even ours are enough to make my stomach growl.

Anonymous said...

We make similar potatoes at our house, using blue cheese and manchego cheese... amazing!

Lovely flowers :)

And I wanna hear more about Krysten's bf! haha

Anonymous said...

Just realized I said potatoes and meant tomatoes. dammit.

Kristi said...

The coffee date with K sounds fun. Tell Steve he is a pretty good artist!

Dana said... looks good. I like cooking in the winter way better than the summer. Steve is so good! The flowers are pretty.


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