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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 3 of Birthday Month

It started out like every other Saturday morning - we woke up and made breakfast.

I then proceeded to get pissed off because I couldn't beat a level of Angry Birds Rio - so I have issues, sue me.

Steve ran out to run some errands, I cuddled with my kitty, used the internet to figure out what the heck was going on with Hulu Plus on our PS3 (wouldn't load) and since I'm a master at everything I do (besides angry birds rio), I got it working and watched The Office.  We also watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen... it was the first roast I'd ever watched... it was pretty funny.

We have a couple of lights we want to get hung - they are those awesome lights with a really long chain that hang from the ceiling.  Well, Steve got the hooks and one of them is now hung and will create nice 'mood lighting' for say, a cocktail party :)  The other is hopefully going to be hung today :)

It's hanging on our porch, which will be Purple at some point ... hopefully this winter.

We were invited to a fondue party Saturday evening hosted by Steve's bestie, Jeff and his wife, Linnea.  Who can pass up fondue and good friends, right?  We ate way too much food - as always.  Here are some photos from the night.  Linnea has a group photo that I will add to this post when I can get my hands on it.
Jeff and Linena - the hosts!
Meatballs, Steak, Apples, bread, potatoes, hot dogs and batter (for making corn dog bites) - YUM!
The Cheese is in... melt away! 

These guys (my bf included) were all wearing the same pants... 

Time to shotgun some beers

ETA this photo:
Group Photo!

As you can see, it was snowing.  We got a nice little dusting yesterday, wasn't the worst thing in the world.
I was sober cab, so I didn't do too much drinking.  We hung out and played Operation - which, as the sober person in the room, was quite funny to watch and play along watching people get pissed at me for doing so much better than them (I blamed it on being a lefty).
It was a really fun night, we rolled in about 2am and crawled right into bed!


Smart Ass Sara said...

I almost bought a fondue pot on Black Friday and thought maybe I would never use it. Now obviously I want that fondue pot.

As an aside, I just beat Angry Birds Rio last night and feel sad. Now I have to buy another one.

Kristi said...

Mmmmm, fondue! Now you have me excited for my family's Christmas Eve tradition :)

Anonymous said...

I really want some corn dog bites right now! Looks like a blast :)

Dana said...

The food looks good! Funny about the guys' pants!


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