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Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12 of Birthday Month

YAY!  It's officially birthday week!!!!  Waaaaa----Hoooooo!!!!!
It's a good thing I can type excitement, because this morning - I'm pretty beat, extremely tired, and still shaky from the weekend activities.  I forgot the camera at home, so you don't get to hear about the weekend until I have photos to go along with it.

Today's blog, in honor of the beginning of Birthday week, I only have a question for you.  It's easy and everyone can play along!  Humor me, if you will.
If you could fly first class from Minnesota to anywhere in the US (let's keep it continental US); where would you go?  You can go any time of the year!
Would your answer change if Alaska and Hawaii were in the running too?


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

San Diego. I've only been there once and I only got to explore for a day before I went on a cruise but I feel in love. I'd for sure go there.

Kristi said...

There are many places I have been that I would like to see again and many I would love the chance to visit. Currently my answer is ARIZONA because I have so many friends and family down there and I haven't been in nearly 8 years. Of the places I have not yet been, I would choose Washington DC or somewhere on the east coast

Anonymous said...

I know yesterday I said Miami, but I'd like to change my answer to NYC :)

Personally Hawaii would top my list if it were included, but you've already been there.

Krystal said...

LA, Vegas, Somewhere in FL -- how about the FL Keys?!, NYC. However -- NYC sometimes has cheap flights along with some of the other bigger cities. If this was a flight that you aren't paying for and you get to pick -- I'd pick somewhere that's usually expensive for you from Minn. California? FL?

Dana said...

I answered you on FB and I so badly want to go back to wine country in Northern Cali. I don't think people quite understood what Continental US meant yesterday. :) If Hawaii was in the running, I'd like to go there too but not if I have to pay for it. :) Are you thinking of going anywhere?


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