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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 6 of Birthday Month

First, I updated this post to now include this photo:
Fondue Group on Saturday
Second, things at work suck.  The 2 owners are in the middle of negotiations for a buy out - actually... they just started talking about it and it's supposed to be done by the end of the month.  It also means we're hiring a new accountant to take the place of the one owner that is leaving.  Turns out it was between 2 people - a guy and a gal... the guy got the job.  So, once this deal is done and final, I'll be the only girl working in this building.  Let me tell you how NOT excited I am for that.
My job is growing some, nothing radical, which is good and bad - good because it means I have less to learn in the short amount of time left.  Bad because it means if I get a raise, it's not going to be huge.
I really want to get vulgar and bitch about work on this entire post, but I really don't want to look back and ever be able to remember the way I'm feeling this week while being at work.

Day 6 of birth month brought freezing cold temps - the one time I looked it was 19° - neat, eh?

On a positive note: Jersey Shore starts in January.  I know, it's mildly retarded, but we all need our thing, right?

We had Heggies pizza for dinner and my mom brought over a couple of lobster tails for us (for another night)... can't wait to enjoy those!

Steve and I are both December babies - and we're both on Benihana's email list - which gets us each a $30 credit to eat there during this month!  They can't be used together, so we have to go twice... bummer.  I swear I probably will gain 15 pounds this month alone!

It was a pretty boring Tuesday overall - the highlight was getting another light hung:
Close up

It hangs behind our TV where there is this odd little space and it's super dark back there... not any more it's not!  Not only that, but I decided that for my actual birthday, rather than going out downtown and spending a bunch of money and making other people spend a bunch of money, we're going to have a few people over at our place.  So getting this lamp hung is just what we needed to create some perfect mood lighting.  I'll post more about the party in a day or two - Steve made me invitation in Photoshop, and they are amazing!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Look at it this way... working with men means less drama. I tell you what, I am really sick of the female drama at my job. It's taking everything I have to not just tell off a few select people. Gah.

And thanks for the Jersey Shore info... I didn't know! I'm so amped that Teen Mom 2 is back and it can remind me that my life is far better than the train wrecks on that show!

gringationcancun said...

I agree with Krysten.. I would love to work with all guys!

I'm excited about Jersey Shore, too. I love my trashy reality TV: Survivor (my favorite), Teen Mom, ANTM, Jersey Shore, etc etc etc.

Dana said...

It'd be weird being the only girl but Krysten has a point though. You and Steve and December babies and M and I are both January babies. :)


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