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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 28 of Birthday Month

Yep - it's been a few days, and I've yet to even post all the wonderful gifts we received!  In due time, my pretties.

I've been meaning to mention for like 2 months now this wonderful thing my aunt is doing for me, because I turned 30 this year.
In Minneapolis we have this placed called Kitchen Window - which is an amazing kitchen store that also offers cooking classes and things of the sort.  Well, she offered to take me to a class - with her - and pay for it all!  My aunt Jayne is a pretty special woman to me.  She's been my boss for the last 6 years and as of tomorrow will no longer be working at my company.

We've grown close over the years here together and we've discovered a passion for food together, mostly through leftovers and magazine recipes.

Anyhow - I was given my choice of classes and of many great sounding choices, this is the one I went with:
With Terry as your guide, you’ll create a menu of small plates and appetizers that is sure to inspire that lovin’ feeling this Valentine’s Day. We’ll start with DEEP-FRIED POACHED EGGS & BEARNAISE ON CRISPED PROSCIUTTO – an incredible, indulgent take on eggs benedict that’s perfect at cocktail hour or (ahem) breakfast. Next, we’ll make FILET MIGNON & GOAT CHEESE CANAPES WITH WATERCRESS – an elegant, mouthwatering pairing of flavors. We’ll make OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER GRATIN – a tried-and-true mood-setter made even better with the addition of spinach and cheese. SEAFOOD COCKTAIL SHOOTERS are next – mini seafood cocktails that are as adorable as your valentine. Next we’ll move on to GRISSINI BREADSTICKS WITH SOFT HERBED CHEESE – a snack that’s perfect for sharing with that special someone. And to end our evening, it’s PASTRY CUPS FILLED WITH LEMON CURD & WHITE CHOCOLATE CREME PATISSIERE – a lot of sweet and just a little bit of sour... just right for Valentine’s Day.

So we make all that stuff AND we get to eat it all!

It doesn't happen until February 2012, but I can't wait!!!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yum, that sounds AMAZING and like lots of fun too. What a perfect and unique gift for you Ang!

Anonymous said...

Um WOW that sounds like the best menu ever!!

Nichole said...

we have some cooking classes like that close to me (in Tampa) and most of them are uber pricey! So I've only been a few times. That is so sweet of your aunt and you guys will have a great time and an incredible food coma!

Dana said...

What a fun experience you'll have!


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