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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 1 of Birthday Month

So, last night, the first day of my birthday month, was pretty much a rollercoaster.  The day at work was good, nothing super amazing, but not awful.  My mom won the 1st of the month game :(

I get home and I'm all excited to make dinner - on the menu was steaks that we got from my dad and a dish that I saw on Pinterest and was dying to make; it's an onion and potato skillet, yum, right?

Have you ever seen the below pin on Pinterest?  What they're supposed to look like and what they actually look like when an average everyday person makes them... it makes me LOL, and feel like it's pretty much everything I try to make myself.  Never quite comes out right.

Well, this is what my potato and onion skillet turned out like:

It was still delish though, here was our finished dinner:
I sat and ate dinner in tears because I was a fucking idiot and touched grabbed the handle of the cast iron skillet about 3 minutes after it came out of a 400 degree oven.  Steve had to cut my steak for me :(
I also put took some skin off my knuckles grating cheese... :( band-aids on one hand, ice on the other.

I had ice on my hand for the rest of the night.. and sleeping was pretty meh.
I posted a status on facebook yesterday saying that it was my birthday month and I was planning to attack 30 like the rockstar I am... yesterday was not a good start.
Now, you'll notice the blog title here; am I planning to blog the entire month of my birthday?  I'm just not sure yet, you'll have to wait and see.  It would, however, be a pretty awesome way to document the month I turned 30 - imagine looking back on that 30 years from now!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Okay as a girl who poured boiling hot water all over her hand and it took seconds before even realizing what I was doing, I can only imagine how in pain your hand was.

Hopefully that was just a major fake out and the rest of your birth month will be FABULOUS.

Anonymous said...

I think your skillet looks pretty damn close to the original! (I would never try to make those cookies, though...)

This will make you feel better: A few months ago I was making quesadillas. Some cheese oozed out of the folded tortilla and it stuck to the pan. I was trying to flip the quesadilla over but the cheese made a mess and the pan was moving around... so what did I decide to do to hold the pan still while I flipped my messy quesadilla? I TRIED TO STEADY THE HOT PAN WITH MY HAND.

I spent the rest of the evening rubbing cool tomato slices against my fingers. It's a miracle Jorge didn't divorce me right then and there.

Krystal said...

Blog every day! You can do it! Happy birth month! My birthday is the 7th!

Kristi said...

Oh Ang, that is totally me in the kitchen too! lol. Disaster everywhere I turn. This is why I eat out all the time. I love birthday month and can't wait for all your posts and dinner in a few weeks

Dana said...

Ouch! I haven't burned myself in the kitchen for awhile but every time I use a knife I'm afraid I'm going to chop my finger off. I'm pretty sure it will happen someday. I had to laugh at your cookie monster treats! That is how it would turn out if I tried it too. I hope your hand is better by now!


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