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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.20

I love bananas!  Apples are delicious as well... Oh My God... all fruit is the bomb, really.  Think about it... Kiwi (makes my mouth water thinking about it), raspberries, blackberries (no Dawn, NOT the phone!!).  Have you ever tried a Pomegranate ?  I ate them before it was cool.  I remember sitting with my dad as a kid watching him clean them so I could grub!  They are the bomb, if you've never had one, go buy one.. they are in peak season right now - I can teach you how to clean them.
hmmm... grapes, blueberries, strawberries, lemons, limes... and I'm pretty sure the avocado is a fruit as well (I LOVE me some avocado)!  In all honesty though... bananas are the business!

It's amazing to me how people find my blog, my counter tracks the links people are coming from.. like if someone searches a phrase on Google and end up at my blog from it... I can see the words they used to search. I'm pretty sure there are some sicko's out there... searching for girls - after I posted the blog titled Girls Night , it got a lot of hits, once from someone searching "Myspace Girls"... icky.  It really boggles my mind the words people use to search; I bet they'd get a lot better results if they searched different words!  Just sayin'.
It tells me where people are coming from... location wise.  I've had hits all around the world, it's so neat to me!
I can also see if someone clicks on a link in a blog I post... there are only a few of you that do.  Are those links pointless?  Should I stop using them?  You tell me... in the end it saves me time to not have to find a website for whatever I'm talking about... but I do it for you, in case you need to know what the hell I'm talking about.
I've had a lot of hits on my blog talking about donating my hair...

Which brings me to my next point.. I've decided I'm cutting it.  I've been talking with Cianna, she cuts my hair and is the wife of my buddy, and she said start by just cutting the bare minimum to donate... then my hair will still be long and if I want to go shorter, I can.  Going from as long as mine is to super short... that would be a hard thing to do... she's a smart lady.

I finished knitting my hat this weekend... I'll post pictures as soon as Joey has it (I don't want to ruin the surprise)!  I started Friday and finished Monday evening - that's kind of neat :)

Oh yeah, real quick, I wanted to give you the link to my friends blog, her name is Kristi, yes I have mentioned her before, but she writes for another blog as well... for those from the Twin Cities, you may find it helpful the next time you want a new place to eat.  Here is the link.  Check Check Check it out!

So, now it's time to get interactive - tell me something about you.. anything you want; something random, something funny, something embarrassing, ANYTHING!


Terri said...

God, I love your random blogs! I admit to reading them and not leaving a comment. Most times I read them on my phone at work intending to comment when I get home but I guess I'm just a slacker. You know I love ya though right? bag, bag, bag

Dawn said...

I'm allergic to bananas....but I LOVE blackberries....YES ANG, THE PHONE!!!! LOL Comes out FRIDAY!!!!!!!

I've also tried pomegranate. Actually when I was a kid we used to eat them ALL THE TIME. My mom hated when we ate them because they were so messy, but I loved them. But we called them by their nickname...Chinese Apples. I don't remember cleaning them....we just tore them open and pulled out the little "berry thingys".

I love avocado too...especially in some guacamole...but often buy some, slice it up, sprinkle a little salt on it and eat it as is. YUMMY!!!!

So...did I mention I get my new BlackBerry Friday?????

Loopy said...

I have to have a banana every morning. When i'm down to one banana, thats my cue to do my grocery shopping. I wish I could grow my own. The only fruit you mentioned that I don't like are pomegranates. I find them too bitter sweet.

Kristi said...

I love almost all fruits and I have ripe bananas waiting to be baked into bread this weekend :) I click on your links from time to time and you should keep them!!! Thanks for the shout-out for the Restaurant Blog too ;)
Keeping stats is pretty you use Google Analytics too or just Sitemeter??

Anonymous said...

When you cutting it?

Lovi said...

when I was preggers I went through a phase where I was OBSESSED with kiwis. I ate 5 at one time once. Yes, that's my claim to fame for the day - I once ate 5 kiwis.


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