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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Review: Wall-E

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, I knew I had to see it.  Wall-E closely resembled Johnny Number 5 from the movie Short Circuit, as a kid I loved the movie!

All in all I give the movie a big A+... but any Disney/Pixar movie is a sure sale for me.

A little about it and why I liked it so much.  Basically the movie in a nutshell is about Wall-E, a trash compactor, who remains on Earth after all the humans have been sent into space; the humans have filled the Earth with trash and it is no long inhabitable.  Wall-E rolls around with his little bug friend and compacts trash while he collects little things he wants to save and spare parts for himself.  One day there is a EVE probe put on Earth from the Humans ship to search for any signs of life to prove Earth is capable of supporting life.  Wall-E and EVE become friends and he shows her the plant he found one day...
It goes further into EVE being picked up by the humans ship with proof of photosynthesis and the humans (who have become extremely fat, lazy, and brainwashed) try to determine if they should and can return to Earth.

I'll save the little details because it's just such a cute movie.  There is not a lot of talking in the movie, especially in the beginning, but it's made up for with robot noises and plain curiosity.  I love how they built on the relationship between Wall-E and EVE, with no talking.  I just think all of these Pixar movies are put together with such creativity and thought... it's amazing to me.  This movie fits in with those standards and I would recommend it to any and all of you, especially if you have kids!


Dawn said...

I can't wait to see the movie. Joe and I will likely rent it as soon as we both have the same day off. Glad to hear a grown up enjoyed it too.

One of my favorite "animated type" movies was "Over the Hedge" I absolutely LOVED that movie. Have you seen it???

Loopy said...

These types of movies are great to watch if you have kids.

deden said...

Excellent post! I really enjoyed reading it.
I will be back for more!

Lovi said...

I love Pixar movies too! I'll plan to check it out fo sure when it comes out on DVD.


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