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Monday, November 24, 2008

Chicken Florentine is BACK!

I don't care how many calories it has [Edit 12.1.08 - it has 530 calories], I don't care how expensive it is, hell I don't even care if it's real chicken or not!  The Chicken Florentine has come back into my life and for that I am extremely happy!  Subway is now offering the Chicken Florentine Flatbread Sandwich.  I had to have it for lunch today; I've been craving it since I first saw the commercial for it days ago!
You see... way back when they offered the Chicken Florentine Ciabatta sandwich I ate it way too much because it was absolutely delicious!  The flat bread is just the same in way of deliciousness!
Take a flatbread, put a creamy spinach artichoke spread on it, add seasoned chicken, olives, tomato, and onions and you have yourself a delicious mix of yummy-ness.  Yes folks, that's right, YUMMY-NESS!

I think I wrote last year in one of my random blogs about it... but I don't recall which one.

Go eat one today (or tomorrow, if you have already had lunch).  I'm going to be so broke as it's a limited time offer (again)... :(


Loopy said...

It sounds great but I would have to pick the olives out. I hate those nasty things

Loopy said...

It sounds great but I would have to pick the olives out. I hate those nasty things

Kristi said...

Eat it while you can because they'll probably pull it within 3 weeks from when hey put it out again...I hate that they do that at Subway!! I am much more of a Quiznos kind of girl (although they have all seemed to close down on me)

Lynne said...

to funny!
Calories? What the hell are calories??

Dawn said...

I'm with Loopy....sounds great without the olives!!!

Lovi said...

I love that you're so excited about it! I think you'll be one of the few people that get how excitd I get about Chipotle. :-) I'm a vegetarian, but if I wasn't, I'd be all over the Chicken Florentine.

alana said...

Well, I wish someone would tell me how many calories were in the Chicken flatbread at Subway. Subway sure doesn't have it on the site. It's upsetting me so

~Terri~ said...

OMG this sandwich is amazing!!! Was standing in Subway tonight trying to figure out what I was going to get...saw the pic of the Chicken Florentine flatbread and thought it looked good, then I remembered your blog and decided I've got to try it. I'm hooked!!! I'll be back there for lunch tomorrow!


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