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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday - Fill in the Blank

I'm done worrying about people commenting; if you don't want to have input on the blog then fine, I don't want your input.  Feel free to not comment on this one :)
To those of you who do comment and who do enjoy reading and interaction, this is for you.

I don't have any huge, deep, or even insightful blog to give you today; what I do have is the ability to express myself.  I'm drawing a blank on a topic though... How about you give me one?  You list a topic and from the suggestions I get, I will post a TFT by the end of the day on the topic of my choice.  I will warn you, if I don't know anything about something... it might not make sense, but I'm hoping that will make it fun!  If I get no comments, then I won't post; if I get one then I will write about whatever that person wants.
This is me opening up to you...even if it's just a quick Q/A, I'll talk about anything... I actually look forward to off the wall suggestions, and I will fully embrace them.  Maybe, if there are a few topics I like I will post about them in the coming weeks... or maybe even 2 TFT's in one day?!  Has it ever been done?
So come on people... show me what you've got!

I will still post other TFT's here: Kristi, Michelle, Helmet, Jenny

(Is there a blogging term I should be using here to let people know this blog has been edited or updated?)
I'm going to post my replies here as well...

To Dawn:
I do believe racism is alive in America... however I don't believe it's well.  It was a huge step for our nation to elect a President of color, a step that was very much surprising to me.  It shows how we've grown as a nation; the fact that we are viewing him as a man of color also shows we haven't fully moved past race as an issue.  He should just be the President Elect, not Black President Elect.
As for your local problem, I have no idea what to say about that.  Personally, I don't understand why you wouldn't bring in anyone who could get the job done... wherever they may live.  Sounds to me like the council members should be evaluated as well... should people like that really be deciding what is best for your community?  It also points out why you are having problems finding officers that qualify... it's all politics (which you may know I don't fully understand).
This of course is coming from me, a girl who grew up in a city where  race was never really mentioned.  I went to High School with tons of cultures and ethnicity, so I just simply don't understand how race can be an issue anywhere.
I think we all still have a long way to go... but I don't know if we'll ever get there.

To Lovi:
I probably will post something about Thanksgiving next week, but since you brought it up I'll talk briefly about it now.  First of all, we generally always go around the table on Thanksgiving and say what we are thankful for.  This year our family has some drama, so things will be a lot different, but I am looking forward to hearing what those involved in the drama have to say they are thankful for.  I think we should all live our lives and think daily of what we are thankful for.  For me, I'm thankful for my family (drama and all), my mom, dad, brother, SIL, my niece... and I have 3 grandparents still living!  I'm thankful for my job and the fact that, in times of economic crisis, we still have work to do.  I'm thankful that I have a roof over my head, a hot shower every night, and money to feed myself.  I'm thankful for some of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for, even though at times I feel I don't deserve to still have some of them.  I'm thankful for the ability to be free and  live my life with freedom.
I don't know how to be not thankful for something, but I do know that I'm not thankful our nation is in crisis and that it is affecting so many.

To Robyn:
Here is a list of ponderables, pick one of them and post your thoughts on it, then ask for others to pick a different one and tell their thoughts.


Dawn said...

This week, the Memphis City Council held a vote on whether or not to relax a rule requiring Police Officers to live in the city. Memphis has a HUGE crime problem, and has had a problem in the recent past with hiring and retaining qualified candidates to become officers. It was suggested they relax the residency rule so that anyone living within 20 miles of the COUNTY line would be eligible.

The vote was held a few days ago, and the measure was defeated 7-6. The vote was split racially...which is typical for Memphis. One of the council members has DUI charges pending, as well as charges for obtaining a license fraudulently after her license was taken in Mississippi after a DUI. She JUST got out of rehab (nobody knows if she actually completed the program or if she checked herself out so she could be present to vote on this). Here's a link to the latest story:

So my question for your TFT is do you believe racism is still very much alive and well in America?

Lovi said...

Well I'm guessing you might be saving this for next week, but with Thanksgiving coming, you could talk about what you're thankful for. Or if you want to go a little off the wall, perhaps what you're not thankful for?

That's the best I can come up with before my cup of coffee. :-)

Robyn said...

I'm trying to think of one myself.

Lynne said...

I swear that I have been trying to comment but our router was acting up and I could not comment. Problem has been fixed and I promise to comment whenever I read your blog.
As for topics, let me think and I will get back to you lol. How about, Why do the Chargers suck so much??? Haha...
I do like the topic of what you are thankful for.

Loopy said...

Wether I comment or not on your blogs, I do enjoy reading them. It amazes me that you can just start talking like you do. I guess you have the gift of gab and I sure don't. Sometimes I just don't know what to say for a comment. As for topics I can't think of anything. If I did I would write it myself.....hee hee

Kristi said...

I had a long list of TFT tpics and after a year now I think I have them exhausted!!! I usually pick my topics the day of or the day before


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