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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday - FoOd!

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all... I hope your day finds you full, happy and surrounded by those you love.
In the semi-spirit of Thanksgiving and assuming that EVERYONE is going to post about Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for... I've already done that.

So... my TFT is about food, not solely Thanksgiving food, but food in general.  I have a feeling there won't be many posts or many readers today... so I'm keeping it simple and real, with almost no expectation of reply.

I was making myself dinner last night, wait'll ya hear this... Fried Egg Sandwich!  yum :)  How I make mine is to take 2 slices of (fresh and soft) bread, slab some ketchup on it, fry an egg or two and throw that on.. cut it in half and voilĂ !  Instant success!  Then I gots to thinkin' - because I know everyone makes a fried egg sandwich different - How would someone else make it?
Then my thinkin' went further into... TFT... food, what kinds of food do people like?!  It really is a topic for everyone; isn't it?  No matter who you are, where you are from or what you believe... FOOD is universal!  In all honesty, who wouldn't love to talk about food; Especially today!

My thoughts... I love food!  As you may know, I love sushi and pretty much anything that ends in seafood (fish, lobster, crab legs, scallops, etc.).
You may also recall my small random rant about my love of bananas and all things fruit.  How about this post the other day... Do I talk too much about food?
I love it, so why shouldn't I talk about it?  It's my damn blog!

What else do I like?  I love PB&J sandwiches as long as they are on fresh soft bread, especially tasty when dipped into Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (don't knock it 'til you try it).  I'm slowly growing a taste for more spicy things... I've recently upgraded my sauce of choice at B-dubs; I now order the Parmesan Garlic, which is still a bit spicy to me.. but in a good way.  I love Chex Mix!
One of my favorite meals is a pot roast!  Slowly cooked all day in the crock with onion, carrots, and potatoes... YUM-O!  I could eat that for days.  Pasta is, chicken rocks my socks, Chinese food is new to me but amazing!  I also really enjoy trying new things!!

The other thing I need to touch on is leftovers; I love leftovers!  I can't think of a thing I wouldn't eat as a leftover... I live for leftovers!  Most times I find food being better the next day, especially pasta when the sauce has been soaking on it over night!  mmmMMMmmmm....

Ok... moving on, cause I could go on for days:
Thoughts for Thursday - Tell me about your favorite foods.  Is there one that stands above the rest?  Do you (still) have something that you've loved since you were a kid?
I only want to hear about things you like here... (maybe another TFT will be foods you don't like).

Ready? Set? GO!!!

I'll post other TFT's if I get the chance today...


Dawn said...

Hmmm...there's so many....and unfortunately, on me, my love for food is SOOOO much more obvious than it is on you.

My own home cooked lasagna is probably my favorite food of all time. Next to that is STEAK. I love me some steak...especially a rib eye steak cooked a tad longer than medium rare.

I like Mexican and Chinese food too...but I only get to eat Chinese when I'm at work because Joe hates it.

I a bread lover too...all different kinds. My favorite has to be Challah bread, although its been years since I've had it (not much call for a Jewish bread in stores when you live in the bible belt).

My favorite dessert would be Black Forest Cake (another thing I've yet to find since I moved here)...and Italian pastries (nope...not here either).

Why on earth did I move here anyway??? Nothing but BBQ and chicken here!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving girl...enjoy your day!!!!!

~Terri~ said...

I have this incredible craving for a fried egg sandwich now...fresh, soft bread is a must...a little mayo, slice of cheese, plop that fried eggs on there...yummy!

My favorite Mom's vegetable beef stew. I love the potatoes and carrots she puts in it. Heck I'll eat anything with cooked potatoes and carrots. Roast, stew, soup...ugh now I'm starving...Time to go to Mom's for some Turkey, another one of my favorite foods.

Happy Turkey Day!!! Gobble gobble gobble :-)

Loopy said...

I'm having trouble posting a comment again, this is my third try. It keeps asking me to submit my password over and over again.

My favorite breakfast is a banana cheese omelet but, another way to cook a fried egg sandwich is to cut a hole in the middle of the bread. soak egg in milk and a little sugar, add egg to hole and fry.

Kristi said...

I love, love, love food...obviously too much! Where do I start?? Unlike you, I love spice and I love almost all ethnic foods. Mexican has been my all-time favorite but I love Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese (sushi is amazing!) a whole lot. I love a good Italian red sauce, pasta and cheese. Buffalo wings are up there along with Reuben sandwiches. I also love meat. I am starving right now so I think I may be obsessing a little! LOL
Don't even get me started on desserts, I love them all with ice cream being #1


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