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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sushi, Wine, and Wicked

Since I rarely ever post photos of sushi on my blog even though it's part of my blog title... I figured I should post something to prove that I do, in fact, love the stuff!

On Saturday night Steve and I had a date night of sorts.

We had tickets to go see the musical Wicked and we decided to grab a nice dinner before hand.  Now, we rarely plan ahead to say... make reservations in advance... so we jump in the car bound for downtown Minneapolis and I start calling restaurants in the area... full... full.. full but the patio is first come first served... ugh.  So I call Seven Sushi and Steakhouse and they have availability!  I make a reservation and we are on the way!

We decided that getting a bottle of wine made more sense being that we had a couple of hours before the show and it's obviously cheaper than buying by the glass.  We order 14 Hands Cab.  I've heard of this wine amongst friends and they seem to rave about it, so why not:

Seven is a steakhouse and sushi restaurant.. so I opt for sushi while Steve decides he is in the mood for steak.  Since everything on the menu is a la carte he will just order the steak and have some sushi as his side.  What a smart boyfriend I have!  Best of both worlds.
I don't have a picture of his steak, but I did get this lovely shot of my sushi plate after a few bites were gone.  I usually don't like taking pictures of my food while I'm out to eat, but with my new phone I'm trying to do it more.. since it's easier and less noticeable.
Yellowtail Sashimi, Salmon Nigiri, White Ninja Roll (spicy tuna, asparagus & avocado wrapped
in white tuna garnished with tobiko and
sesame chili oil), Denver Roll (spicy salmon with cucumber and avocado,
wrapped in salmon topped with house
chili sauce and green onion), Spicy Tuna Roll

Since I've been sating Steve I have branched out and started to eat spicy (hot) foods... something I never use to touch for many reasons, with fire in the mouth being the top reason.  Slowly but surely I have developed a taste for it and often times find myself craving spicy things.  Ordering sushi with this new taste for heat opens up a world of possibilities!  

I do have a picture of the stage for Wicked - but I can't post it because this blog is not private and I could probably go to jail for taking it.  They were very strict about pictures of the stage.  However, my facebook IS private (well, private to the public anyhow) and I have posted the picture there if you care to see the stage. 
Let me just say that this show is simply amazing.  It was my third time seeing it and I'm still blown away by how absolutely beautiful it is.  Steve even kind of raved about it and he hates The Wizard of Oz; flying monkey's and green witches don't sit well with him.  I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in the story OR The Wizard of Oz.

Have a great week people!  (more trip posts on the way!) 


Melissa said...

What a super-fun date night!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Sounds like you guys had a really great date night and I am SO jealous you got to see Wicked. And proud that you're branching out to spicy things!

Dana Leigh said...

This is so funny because Heather and I are going to Wicked next Thursday and going to Seven also. :)


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