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Friday, September 3, 2010

I miss my friends

I have a confession to make - I'll make it quick.
Back when I was blogging on myspace I met a wonderful group of people who all followed my blogs - I mostly continued blogging for this group of people; they lived in other states and it was a fun way to keep them a part of my life year round, not just during the Big Brother season.  See, we were all brought together because we are dorks who watch the live feeds of Big Brother.  We met in a chat room and fell in love with each other, kind of for real.  Okay, not really.  We really did enjoy each other though... so much so we planned a trip to Vegas to all meet... it was amazing!

When I changed to blogging on blogger... I seem to have lost them as readers - which I can fully understand; at the time myspace was the bomb and we logged in daily, many times, it was easy to read blogs there.  On blogger it's something different, not a social network, not something you think to check everyday.  So they read for a bit... then a few of them stopped.  Again, I'm cool with it, I blog for me now and it's dope.  I miss them though, both online and in person.  I have formed some pretty amazing friendships with these people.

Anyhow - my confession, one of those people has started blogging again and since starting again, she is back here reading my blog... which makes me so happy.  Renee and I have spend many days together, both in Vegas and in Missouri where she lives now.  I look so forward to having her back in the blogging world, both as a writer and a reader.

Every now and again, I see that Dawn pops in and I love seeing her name on my comments too... getting comments from these two ladies makes me realize how much I miss the entire group of people.  If only they'd all start writing again so I can keep up with them!

Anyhow.. that is all - I miss my friends.


Dawn said...

Awwww.....yeah, I've kinda stopped blogging...I just didn't have anything to say that I thought anyone would be interested in....PLUS, they've put out orders at work that pretty much FORBID us from even saying the name of the place on the internet, and other than work, I'm pretty boring.

That said, I do try to comment on most of your blogs so that you know I'm still reading. But for those times I DON'T actually post, know this....I am still reading. I use Google Reader and have subscribed to you, and many I DO know when you post. I love reading your blog.

And finally, I was just talking about how this season has not been the same without you in chat. The whole season has been rather dull....the feeds have been boring and when the SHOW is better than the feeds, there's truly something wrong. But I mentioned last night in chat that I missed you this season, and I was PROMPTLY reminded that you weren't around last season either, to which *I* promptly reminded them that you were a few times!!!! This season, eh, not so much. LOL But yes, you're missed....and thanks for mentioning me in your blog :-)

Ang said...

Thanks Dawn, I do know you're still reading! I have missed you guys like crazy this year as well... but from the sounds of it, the feeds suck, so I'm kind of glad I didn't waste my money for that.
Honestly though, I don't do the feeds for the video, but for the chat - I've thought about joining up for the free 2 weeks trial just to get a bit of time in with you all. It's funny how everyone disappears from myspace group when the show is happening.

Kristi said...

I miss my friends too... my real-life friends!!


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