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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Hills, Day Three Part Two: Mount Rushmore

After the wildlife loop we take another curvy road to Mount Rushmore.  Now I've seen Mt. Rushmore before in recent years.. Steve had been there once when he was little, but had no memory of it:
circa 2002:

Now I have a good camera and a boy I love, so we hook arms and enjoy it together!  Let's me just start by saying that to get into Rushmore it's $10 per CAR and that pass gets you in for the entire calendar year - which means that we can go back at night to see it lit up!  INSTANT bonus!

Another mostly photo post - on the curvy road getting there, we ran into a few places to stop and see Mount Rushmore from afar.  Click to enlarge...
I thought it was kind of cool to see the faces at the end of the road
 From a lookout

Once inside the 'gates'

We took a paved trail up near the mountain to get some other interesting views of the faces:

Of course, our "mug shots" (thanks Laura!).  We thought about trying to make it look like the guys were drinking out of them... but none have open mouths.  It was a silly idea.

Up next.. Cave pictures.

What you've missed:


gringationcancun said...

WOW!! Mount Rushmore looks pretty cool :) Never been myself, but I just might have to! Love the view of it from the road.

And you're welcome :)

Harley said...

This always makes me think of the movie Richie Rich!!

Kristi said...

I saw Mt Rushmore when I was 8, probably should head back sometime! Cool Pics!

Dana Leigh said...

Love the photos and love the mugs. :)


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