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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black Hills, Day Two Part One: Devil's Tower

So after all night raining I wake up to pee and see the sun rising on the tower... so I grab my camera and try to capture a picture of it.  The clouds seemed to be against me, so I didn't capture what I woke up to, but I thought this was pretty:

Pack up camp and head to Devil's Tower.  The plan is to spend time at the tower and make our way back into South Dakota (only the cool part; The Black Hills) to set up camp there.  This post will be mostly pictures of Devil's Tower, so sit back and enjoy!

There is a path that winds around the tower (1.3 miles), so we decided to take that.

The view looking out:

It was hard to see...  

Mini-Devil's Tower.  It used to be a tree.  I was excited to find this.
Steve was excited to take my picture taking it's picture.

So... back in July when we were up in Grand Marais we bought these coffee mugs at World's Best Donuts.  They have pictures of people all over the world with their coffee mugs, so we decided to buy them and take them with us to Madeline Island, The Black Hills and Hawaii and send them our pictures.  Madeline Island was a huge fail, we brought the mugs, just forgot to take pictures.  Devil's Tower was our first chance to make this happen the right way - Here you have it:

Dorks?  maybe... don't judge.

So.. that's it for Devil's Tower.
If you missed the first post: the road there - find it here.

Be back soon with the road to Custer State Park and Crazy Horse.


Dana Leigh said...

I love the first picture. You guys are funny with your mugs and DT. I love it when people do that stuff. We were doing the same stuff with the moon last week. :)

Harley said...

After a truly shitty day, these photos (especially the last couple!) made me smile, thanks for that!

gringationcancun said...

Love your "mug shots" :) GET IT?? haha

That tower is CRAZY!!!

Kristi said...

I think the optical illusion with the mugs are awesome!!! Or "dope" as you would say! lol


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