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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


To clarify - I am not talking about fish-sticks.  I'm talking about people that I'd call a bad word, that starts with the letter F.  Think about it.

Here is the story - so I'm at the local grocery store here in the little town I work in and I am there simply to get a couple pictures printed for my work desk (I needed an upgrade).  So I print them on the machine and stand at the counter to pay for them.  The nice lady says "it'll be just a minute" as she had her hands in a black box trying to get something apart inside.  No worries, I wait.

After a couple minutes she looks over at the 'customer service' counter and says to the nice lady over there (who was ringing somebody up) "Can you do me a favor when you're finished; could you ring her up for a few pictures?"  Lady #2 says "Sure".    I walk 7 steps to the next counter and wait for her to finish.  The customer leave and I step up to the counter, set my pictures down and proceed to pull a dollar out of my wallet. "WHAT THE HELL!" I hear from behind me.  I turn to see this middle-aged man staring me down "I was next!"  Completely embarrassed I move and say, "Oh, I'm sorry!"  He walks up to the counter and looks back to me "Not to be rude, but I was ..." I cut him off and say "Well, you were rude."

I'm so sick of people thinking they can just walk all over people.  I used to speak my mind more and tell people when they were being assholes, but as I grow older I do that less... and since dating Steve I do it even less than that.  I felt this dude needed to know he was rude, so I told him.

After I said that he looks over at me, shocked that a little girl like me is talking back and I say "A simple 'excuse me' would have got my attention, I wasn't trying to cut in line, I simply didn't see you".  Then he starts doing the head roll thing... he looks at me in, what I can only imagine is, his best attempt to be ghetto and says "I don't know those 2 words, cause it's not every day I run into people like that up in these parts".  No joke.  I cut him off again and say, while rolling my head back to mock him, "you ain't gotta roll your head at me".. and stopped listening at that point.

I grew up in the city, I know how to be ghetto fab and I know how to talk back to people.  I choose not to do it daily.  Today... I couldn't hold back.  "WHAT THE HELL!" is not the way to tell someone they cut in line.  The cashier and I had a nice laugh about it afterwards.

So anyhow - to end this on a positive note; you've already seen these pictures probably, but now they are framed on my desk, so I can see them daily:


Smart Ass Sara said...

Yay for getting up in his grill. Or whatever you'd call it. I am finding that more and more people are just being rude for absolutely no reason. You can't go anywhere without encountering someone totally obnoxious. Sad.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow, WTF? Good for you for telling him he was being rude. Maybe if more people spoke their mind the rude people would learn to stop being such assholes.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha DUDE!!! What does he even mean by "people like that"? People like what? People who say "excuse me"?

Kristi said...

I hear ya! On Monday I was just leaving work and had the phone up to my ear (not talking, just waiting for a call to go through), driving and some dude runs a frickin stop sign (speeding) and almost hits me. He stops in the middle of the intersection and yells to me, "get you funky ass off the mother effin phone before you hit someone!" He gives me the stare down. I was just so shocked! He wouldn't move from the intersection for at least 3 minutes either. I wanted to tell him off for runnin the stop sign but didn't know if he had a gun or what. I was so pissed and my heart was beating so fast!

Dana Leigh said...

I'm glad you spoke up. I can't go anywhere anymore without getting pissed off in some capacity because of F-sticks.

Lovi said...

I totally agree with you. Makes you wonder how much better the world would be people could just be a little more civil to each other.


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