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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Thursday... 9.16.10

So - link up people, don't be a player hater and stuff dog.  (yes, I'm mildly 'special')

Outside my window.. 'tis cold, yo!

The time is.. 906am

Today I feel..a cold coming on... I think I caught it from my Facebook friends (yep, I said it)

I am thinking.. that the Vikings will win {eventually} if I keep posting in Purple and Gold (yellow) color combinations.

At the moment, I am thankful.. that boyfriend and I are so much fun! 

I am going.. to be putting in muy overtime in the coming weeks... 

I am wearing.. jeans and a Triple Five Soul tshirt

I wish.. that I had more money

I am reading.. just work crap...

I am working on.. coming up with a Halloween costume to outdo last year (cause apparently I have big shoes to fill)
The only shot i could find of the entire outfit, including my awesome socks and boots!
 Best shot I could find of my awesome hair

I am hoping.. to try and make scallops this weekend

I am hearing.. people in the office getting involved in conversations that have nothing to do with them (but I ain't mad...)

I bet you didn't know.. that I've decided to grow my hair back out {long} again!

One of my favorite.. things to eat for breakfast lately is oatmeal

I confess.. that deep down... I'm a bitch.

Weekend Plans.. are tame and I can't wait:
[Thursday] gym after work, then nothing
[Friday] cleaning for gma, gym, taking a nap, finish watching that Benjamin Button movie, then nothing.
[Saturday] maybe, hopefully, going to the BIG zoo
[Sunday] watching football... duh.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Your costume last year was AMAZING! Good luck topping that!

Anonymous said...

I hope muy overtime = muy moola! I may have to start with your purple & gold theory! At some point they will win! :) I love your confession! Thanks for playing along...sorry you aren't able to link up..I have no idea what's going on [imagine that! :]

Anonymous said...

I missed Just Thursday this week!! Noooo!

Oh well. Yeah, I'm kind of a bitch, too. Don't tell anybody.

Kell said...

THE HAIR!! I love it! Hahaha. Good luck topping that. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in too long :(

Savvy Gal said...

Hi, my first visit. I think deep down there is a bitch (some more than others) in everyone. : )


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