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Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Photo Review

Well... another year has come and gone; did anyone see it pass by?

I haven't been as good this year about taking pictures of things I do, but rather found myself taking pictures for photo scavenger hunts and just trying to be artistic with photography in general.  I turned to my tagged pictures on Facebook and did some digging through my files as well to come up with all these wonderful memories. Turns out it's hard for me to pick and choose photos to post here, I wanted to add them all!  As I went through them I realized that 2009 was one hell of a year for me!

So we ended 2008 with a hair donation and a fun NYE celebration and moved quickly along to make some more moments that stand out as favorites; this one will be longer than last year, for sure!  Click on any picture to enlarge (I'm going to post them in the smallest option to try and save some space).

Winter 2009:
Going to the St. Paul Winter Carnival with Pam and Jen, in below zero temps:

Spending hours upon hours with these folks on the weekends, trying to stay warm:

Meeting a fellow blogger, face to face, finally:

Keeping a Valentine's Day tradition alive (Fuddruckers with Kristi, Erick, Rich and, this year, Brandon):

Girls Weekend & HOMEBOY, 'nuff said:

First EVER Green Beer for St. Patty's Day:

While I didn't get pictures with everyone, reuniting with some old faces from my first job:

Yankee Stadium in the Spring (even though the Twins lost all the games we went to):

My Missouri Family and my first time model experience:

Many Twins games over the summer:

A summer full of trips to the North Shore and TONS of camping!

Finding a gem of a malt shop:

Organizing a special gift for my gma's 85th birthday:

Halloween (and having the most awesome hair-do EVER!)!!!

Vikings Games:

Coloring the Thanksgiving Turkey with my cousin, Shannon, even though it was a "Let down":

My work Christmas party... and seeing helping Bob get really drunk:

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family:

Spending time with so many good friends:

Spending time and making real friendships with my outcast cousins:

Growing closer with a very special guy in my life:

Last, but certainly not least... watching my niece develop into her own little person, talking up a storm, and loving me almost as much as I love her!


Dana Leigh said...

Nice post, Ang. It's nice to realize what we've done each year when we look back at our photos. Here's to a great 2010!

Shannon said...

I love this Angela! You had a great year! And of course I'm so happy I'm a part of your life :) Love you lots


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