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Monday, January 11, 2010

My Favorite Breakfast

Plinky Prompt: What are the components of your ideal breakfast?

I used to believe that the only breakfast I could make myself was a delicious breakfast sandwich - which is still a great option.. but not the best. I tend to be pretty traditional; why mess with a good thing?

Eggs - Sunny Side Up
I can't seem to quite master the sunny side up eggs on my own... Steve has though and they are delicious. So the first thing on my plate is Eggs (3), sunny side up. Runny eggs are the BOMB!

While I LOVE me some bacon, I think I'd rather have sausage! While the eggs are being made, I'm right there cooking up some sausage, 3 links each. Hormel Little Sizzlers Links are the best, they are the perfect amount of salty in my breakfast!

I'm pretty open to any sort of bread in my breakfast, but I do like the bagel for it's solidness. You can toss those runny eggs right on top of the bagel and take a bite! The bagel also serves as a great runny yolk soaker when all your eggs are gone.

Last, but far from least, I need coffee to complete my balanced breakfast. 'nuff said.

Once it's all ready to eat, you plop your behind on the couch and watch cooking shows! Good inspiration for dinner ideas ;)

1 comment:

Lovi said...

I hear ya, Ang! I love me some eggs and bagels, especially when put together with some sharp cheddar. And nothing tops it off like fresh, warm, STRONG coffee. I'm hungry now... :-)


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