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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Minnesota is my calling

Plinky Prompt: What's the biggest factor for you in deciding where to live?

Once upon a time I was seriously considering moving out of state. Many things factor in as to why I hate Minnesota, mostly the long dark winters; they're enough to drive anyone into depression. It really does help us appreciate the other 3 seasons so much more though.

Anyhow - the main focus behind my leaving Minnesota was a relationship. I could always come home when I wanted and I'd be away from the things I disliked. People would understand; love is a force and something worth changing for. I knew it would be hard to be away from my family, but it was something I was willing to try.

July 21, 2007 - Enter Jordan Lu, my sweet, adorable, loving niece. She is born and my life seems to take a turn. I'm a role model for someone, I'm someones God Mother, I love this kid way too much... how could I ever leave her?

Things become confused in my mind.

I begin to develop strong bonds with my cousins, bonds more than a family tie, bonds that are lasting and real; friendship bonds. How could I ever give this up and move away from people who mean so much to me?

I have a job with part of my family; how do I quit something that was offered to me out of love, appreciation, and knowing I'm right for it?

For some reason, after considering all of these family ties, I still believe I can move and be happy. I still think people would understand, so I continue to think about it, I continue to ponder everything it means.

Somewhere along the lines the relationship ends and thinking back on it, I'm not sure if I could have found true happiness away from my amazingly crazy and beautiful family, maybe it wasn't the right time or maybe I never could.

Jordan continues to grow and develop into her own little person; there is nothing like walking in the door to see her face light up and yell "AUNTIE!!!!!" There is something real special in having a real conversation with a 2.5 year old child.

I don't know what I'd do without family on holiday's; the big Christmas snowstorm scare of 2009 gave me a brief taste of what Christmas Day might be like if I weren't with my family (Thank God I didn't have to find out).

My summers wouldn't be the same without a new annual tradition of going up North for MSA weekend with my beautiful cousins: drinking, eating, laughing, singing Karaoke and getting guys down on one knee asking us to marry them.

My family keeps me here and I'm pretty sure they always will.


xoxoKrysten said...

Every now and again, especially during the winter, Dustin and I talk about moving. I really don't think I'd miss the winters AT ALL.

For us, our family is kind of scattered. We don't see either often. I have to drive 3 hours to see my folks alone.

However... I can't imagine not being here. I'm so USED to it. It's HOME, you know?

Ah decisions decisions.

Kristi said...

Did you know that when Erick and I first started dating I moved to AZ for a few month during my senior year (student teaching on a reservation) with plans to go back when I graduated college and live and teach there forever. I had a job lined up, a deposit on an apartment, and my moving truck rented. Six weeks before the big move I decided there was too much for me in Minnesota to leave. 11 years later and I haven't looked back!

Shannon said...

I LOVE this!!! And I love you!!!


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