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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts For Thursdsay: Saying I Love You

Let's just talk about family here; I think this will be short and sweet.
There is that song by Garth Brooks, I think I mentioned in another post once upon a time... If Tomorrow Never Comes, words are so true.  If you died today, would the people around you know how you felt about them?  Would you even care?

I've grown up my entire life telling my family I love you, so it comes very naturally when I have to say it.  I was driving home yesterday thinking about traditions and things you say and how they become so 'normal' that you don't really think about it after awhile, like the words I love you... I've said them my whole life to my mom and dad, but they've become so normal that I don't really think about what I'm saying - hell, I've even shortened it to just Love you or Love you too.  Is that okay?  Does it take away from what I mean?  I don't think it does.. maybe though.
Then sometimes you have a lost tradition that you recall and it just makes you warm.  When I was little our bedtime saying was "Night, love you, see you in the morning, see you tomorrow".  It actually brings a tear to my eye thinking about how that has been lost in time.  I don't know if it happened when my dad left, or if it was gone before that... wait, this is kind of off-topic.

My point is, telling my family that I love them is one of the most important things I do in my life.  I want them to hear it each and every time we talk or see each other and I love to hear it back!  I feel though, that this is not the case with everyone - sure you want them to know it, but do you say it?  Have you always said it?  Is it easy to say?  Or maybe it's just not important to you?  Maybe you feel you show your family they are loved in another way?
What about the flip side; does your family say it to you?  Is it important for you to hear it?

So, my {summed up} Thoughts for Thursday are this:  Do you say "I love you" to your family?  Does saying it come easy or is it difficult for you?  Is it important to you that you say it and that it's said back to you?  Why or why not?  Feel free to share any other thoughts surrounding the topic... I'm all ears!

(btw, don't you just LOVE my new sign off?!  I'm pretty sure it's the best addition to my blog yet.)
...until we meet again...


xoxoKrysten said...

I, like you, grew up saying these words to my family. I especially remember staying at my grandparents', my grandma tucking me in for the night and her saying, "Goodnight, I love you" and me saying, "Goodnight Grandma, I love you too."

I feel really lucky to have grown up in a family in which saying those words is EASY. And I try to do that in my relationship with my husband too. Even if we're mad at each other we still look at each other and say those words - sometimes it's hard, especially when we're mad, but I would never, ever want something to happen and have those words NOT be the last words we said to each other.

Holy novel. And I'm getting a little teary eyed.

Great post! And I love the signature!

Kristi said...

I say "I love you" frequently to my family and close friends. I think it is important to say it frequently :)

Dawn said...

Kinda going on what Krysten said...

Even if Joe and I are so mad at each other that we've been in a knock down drag out fight, if one of us leaves the house, "I love you" MUST be said.

You remember that night, 3 years ago, where I woke up and he wasn't home from work yet...and what happened in the aftermath of that. I'm thankful that it was HIM that came home that night, and that the bad guy didn't win. I don't ever take that for granted. Someone lost their life. Thankfully it WAS the bad guy and not my husband. But if it had been Joe, I would have just a little bit of comfort in knowing that the last thing I said to him was "I love you".

It's Me! said...

I say I love you to my husband over and over again throughout the day. My parents every single time I see them or talk to them on the phone we say it as we are saying good bye.

As for my sisters and their husbands it is said on occasion. We all know that we love each other but we aren't super mushy type of girls so it's not said as often.


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