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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt - December 2009

Well folks... it's that time again (are you sick of my photo hunts yet, or do you just love them!?)

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As always, I'll be filling in the pictures as I go using my Nikon D60 - it's just how I roll.  Ready for the list?

1. Holiday Lights

2. Holiday Spirit

3. A Holiday Treat

4. An Ornament
  1. 5. A Gift-Wrapped Package
  2. 6. A Window Display
  3. 7. A Winter/Holiday Icon
  5. 8. A Tree
  6. 9. A Tradition - The Dice Game
  7. 10.Something that says Noel
  8. 11. Something Precious
  9. 12. Something Peaceful
  10. 13. Something Hot
  11. 14. Something Cold
  12. 15. Something Red
  13. 16. Something Green
  14. 17. Motion blur
  15. 18. Black & White Photo (with selective coloring)
  16. 19. Any photo using an Infrared Photography Technique (in-camera OR post-process)
  17. 20. A Macro Shot



Kristi said...

I love the Photo Hunts! LOL! Thanks for posting this....

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Yay I love your photo scavenger hunts!

Jientje said...

" Green" is fit for a glossy culinary magazine! Love it!

Nukke said...

Oh Rats ! I WANT I want that kind of coffee mug too that Wizard of Oz ! and did you know that we have the same motive in pics COLD and WINTER ICON ! I liked your pics from 1.-4., 7. - 12., 17. 18. and 14 !!!!!!!

Greetings from Finland :)

onnenpuu said...

I love photo hunts! Very good pictures, very fun!

Mominin said...

Great shots! Your Wizard of Oz mug is great!

Timo said...

Really nice collection you've got here - liked especially treat and window display!

Greetings from Finland and thanks for visiting my hunt results.

Michelle said...

First, thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. They made me smile. :)

Your did a great job too. I have a lot of favorites. The snowman and ice hanging down are two favs (and something you won't see on my blog).

Berg said...

I love the snowman and the brocolli the best :)

kaye said...

your black and white is so fun! I loved it :) that snowman was pretty cool too. great results. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Jayne said...

Ang - more great shots! My favs are Holiday lights (looks like it should be the front of a CHristmas card!), something peaceful (how did that happen?), something green (very appealing!), bowl of candy, and the top of the list - your B&W - PERFECT picture and decision on selective coloring! But where is picture #20? Keep up the great work - love looking at them all!

Heidi said...

Your hunt turned out so fantastic! I like so many of them. You're Something green is so beautiful! And your motion blur is outstanding!
Very nicely done.

BTW, I love the photo hunts, I think you should keep doing them!

Kristi said...

Great shots, Ang! Sorry it has taken me so long to finally look at yours but I am now getting close to the end of the entries :)


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