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Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Point

It's no big secret that I've had an opinion about Favre joining the Vikings.  A thought occurred to me this morning that I want to put out there.

First, let me tell you my thoughts on Favre now, with 12 games under his belt.  So, you know I've accepted the fact that he is our QB and in all honesty, I'm glad he is.  We've had an amazing year with him in that position and, as a Vikings fan, who wouldn't want that?!  I do still think he is a bit of a prima donna - I'm starting to realize that he can't control the media and maybe he does just want to play football.  maybe.  I'm still upset that every game we win is because of Favre, or Favre this and Favre that... it's old news.  We know he's 40, we know he's a great QB, we know he breaks a new record (or 2) every game.  He absolutely aids  in the winning of games, but he doesn't win them on his own.
I say this to every person who asks me about my feelings on Favre and now I'm saying it to you....
It's week 3 in the NFL, the Vikings are playing the San Francisco 49ers, 2 seconds left in the game and the Vikes are down, we need a touchdown to win.  Favre passes 32-yards down the field to Greg Lewis, who catches the ball, gets both feet in to win the game!  Huge victory!  The announcers say "OMG he did it, Brett Favre did it!"  Excuse me?  Did Favre also run down the field and receive the ball that he just threw 32-yards?  Pretty sure Lewis had something to do with that game winning play as well.
So, I've remained very (some may say 'extremely') bitter about that the entire season, again, I'm trying to understand that it's not his fault, he doesn't write the news, he just makes it.  I'm slowly making progress... you can ask anyone who knows me well enough.

So after checking the score of last nights game (because there was no way I could stay up to watch that tortuous game) I gots to thinking (I did have a good 50 minutes in my car this morning)... since we lost, is that Favre's fault as well?  He makes the game-winning headlines; will he also make the game-losing headlines?  Is it now a 'team effort' when it's a loss or is it still Favre driving the ship?  It's a valid question... and a damn good point.  Just sayin'

That's all for now :)


Lynne said...

you have me on the edge of my seat.... what were the headlines?
I couldn't agree with you more and I think that is so unfair that Favre gets all the credit. It would really bug me too.
It is very different in San Diego; everyone gets equal credit for whatever great thing they do but maybe LT a bit more.
I have still been rooting for the Vikings along with the Chargers, hoping we both skip the wildcard, and meet in the superbowl.

Kristi said...

I'll take Vikings success any way we can get it :) Like you, I don't think its fair for one person to have all the credit OR all the blame

Dana Leigh said...

I don't think you are going to get the same treatment of Favre when they lose a game instead of winning. I was done not liking him the second he became a Viking and he has really grown on me where I truly like him. I do think it was a lot of Favre's fault for Sunday's game. You could tell he just wasn't on but he didn't have any time to throw either so that lies with the O-Line. It's a team sport regardless but you will always have the favorites that outshine the the media anyway.


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