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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been wanting to post a blog with some pictures I've taken along the way during the photo scavenger hunt and since I've started the daily photo blog... these are the pictures I liked but they just didn't make the final cut.
Little Cakes, I thought this looked like an Olive, it made me smile
Jasper, my dad's bird
A huge tank in a Princeton Cemetery
My dad's bathroom... I loved walking into it with that shower light on, had to snap a shot
Some glasses in my dad's bar (remember I spent a week there)
The Amusement Park at the Mall of America; the balloon ride
From Steve's car with my shutter open for a LONG time!
Under the 10th Ave Bridge, downtown Minneapolis
The new 35W bridge
I was lucky enough to see some graffiti in the making... 
Downtown Minneapolis from the car, after the Auto Show
Oregon Coast
Wine corks, you have no idea how many pictures I took of these corks!
...and the wine glass!
Nothing special... just a few I wanted to post!


Anonymous said...

Cool pics! I like the one with the lights from long shutter speed

Dana Leigh said...

I love looking at your pictures (except for tarantulas) :)


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