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Thursday, April 16, 2009

TFT: Channel Surfing

I feel like I start out a lot of my TFT's by saying: Today's TFT is simple. 
In order to carry on that tradition: Today's TFT is simple.
No really, it is.

Here is the deal, I'm curious.  My thoughts apply to different types of media.
Let's say you are having a lazy evening; you're at home watching TV [your favorite sitcom, sports, a movie on cable, etc.] live, nothing recorded on DVR and a commercial comes on; do you change the channel or do you sit though them?  Now granted you'd ffwd. right through anything if you were on DVR, but when it's live you have options.  

Here is my thing, I sit through commercials.  I wold rather watch them then take a chance in missing something that I'm watching, especially because sitcoms and movies have a story line and sports... well, you just can't miss part of the game due to channel surfing!
I'm finding that a lot of people I know are big time channel surfers.  

As mentioned above, this applies to different media; let's talk radio.  It's funny... most people listen to CD's or iPods now-a-days, I don't even know if this will apply.
So, you're listening to the radio, let's go... your favorite morning talk show... they take a break from talking to play some ads for you... do you change the station right away or do you deal with it so you don't miss the segment coming up?  
Me?  I wait it out.  I just don't care enough to change the station.  I listen to the KQ Morning Show, and there really is no point in my listening to some other show for 5 minutes during commercial breaks.  I don't know the people so what's the point.
Now... radio during the day, if a commercial comes on I may be more inclined to change the station.  You have a much better chance of finding music you like while they have their break.

It doesn't bother me when people do it... I just don't get it because I don't.

I'm also curious if you people find that channel surfing tends to be a male vs. female thing.  Does one sex do it more than the other?

It's kind of a silly topic - but what do you do?!


So... Thoughts for Thursday:  Do you channel surf?  Why or why not?  Do you know people who do?  Does it bother you if people do?  Do you think channel surfing is a battle of the sexes?  Any other thoughts or opinions on the topic?

IF anyone posts a TFT today, I'll link it here (seems TFT is falling by the wayside)


Denise said...

Since DVR was invented I NEVER watch commercials. I TIVO everything and then fast forward through the commercials. If I see some thing I would like to watch I press record and then go work on something else.

I honestly can't remember the last commercial I watched.

Lovi said...

I almost never watch live TV anymore. DVR, in my opinion, is one of the best inventions ever! LOVE IT!

As for the radio - I listen to the commercials. I usually only channel surf on the radio if I don't want to listen to whatever I was listening to. I think its because I'm driving or working at my desk and I'm not actively listening to the radio - its just on in the background, so I don't want to spend too much time fiddling with it.

Kristi said...

Nope, hardly ever watch TV and rarely channel surf once I have found something I like. E on the other hand always surfs around

Krysten said...

I can't stand sitting through commercials. Usually, if I'm watching something that I consider Must See TV (Grey's Heroes, etc.) I find something else on another channel that I don't really care about (reality tv!) so that I can kinda watch that when there are commercials.

Somehow, though, both shows always manage to be on a commercial break at the same time. *sigh*

Dana Leigh said...

I hardly watch TV so I can't really comment on this one!


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