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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday - People Watching... YOU!

We all know what people watching is, right?  Personally, it's one of my favorite things to do, someone told me the other week that I enjoy people watching more than anyone they've ever met.  I can't help it... people are strange and generally they make me laugh pretty hard [which is not hard as I laugh at everything, I guess]!
I love [LOVE] to see people fall... assuming it's not a nice little old person.  I think it's funny how many people pick their nose in their cars.  Interaction between people is also very fun for me to watch... especially parents with their kids.

I was sitting at the airport last weekend, in Seattle, and I was watching this lady eat soup out of a bread bowl while she was reading.  This woman would scoop up some soup and wipe the bottom of the spoon on the edge of the bread bowl about 7 times before she'd eat it.  It made me laugh... she was, obviously, into her book and didn't realize she was doing it... but the bottom of the spoon was clean after the first wipe!

Shortly thereafter I found myself doing one of the silliest things I've probably ever done in public - which is more what this blog is about... People watching YOU.
I was in a deep text message conversation with Steve, talking about what size shirt I wear [yeah, that's right], I was wearing my Joe Mauer Twins T-shirt which I was sure was a youth size shirt... and I was pretty sure it was a Medium or Large.  So here I am at a sports bar in the Seattle airport, I have a French Dip and a beer in front of me [which I am woofing down], and I am pulling on the back of my shirt and twisting my head in both directions to try and read what the size is!  On top of all that, I end up using my phone to take a picture because I couldn't make it out.  Apparently I'm not very good at aiming my camera on the back of my shirt, so I had to take like 3 pictures until one showed what I was looking for (it was an XL, btw).

Now imagine you are an avid people watcher and you see me doing this!  I completely stopped what I was doing, laughed [literally, out loud], and took a big swig of beer!  I looked around and it sure didn't look like anyone was watching me, but I also know I turn my head pretty quick when I think someone is about to catch me watching them!
It got me thinking pretty hard about the things I do in my life and in public... I wonder what people see!?  I am now officially paranoid about EVERYTHING I do [J/K] and am never stepping foot in public again [J/K].

So... Thoughts for Thursday ~ 
Have you ever found yourself in public doing something odd that someone watching you might laugh about?  Do you ever think about the way you come across to someone who might be watching?  Maybe someone catches you checking out your reflection in the store window as you walk [or drive] by and thinks you are extremely vain.  Maybe you scratch an itch in an inappropriate place and someone thinks you're a filthy pig.  Have you ever slipped down almost an entire flight of stairs at, say, a sporting arena?  When was the last time you stopped to think about what you're doing and if people are watching?!
Also, not exactly the point of this blog but, do you enjoy people watching?  Any good stories?

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Anonymous said...

We all LOVE people watching. Esp at the airport.! My incident..which you know all to well...When we were at the Annex...going to walk up window....


Krysten said...

I was at a concert once. Right in front of us were 3 chairs but you had to walk down a set of about 4 stairs to get to them. When the lights were off it was hard to tell that you had to walk down.

Needless to say about 3 or 4 people tried to walk across, not realizing there were stairs, and they COMPLETELY fell on their butts. One guy even spilled the two beers he was holding. My friends and I were trying so hard not to start laughing until whoever tripped left but it was SO HARD. I still laugh thinking about it.

Ang said...

@E - I still laugh my ass off about that sometimes... especially when I'm sharing the story with another person. Good Times!
@Krysten - I would have DIED if I were you ... just knowing its coming. I bet you missed a good part of the concert just anticipating the falls! Thanks for the comment and welcome to my blog :)

Denise said...

I LOVE people watching!

And yes, I have stopped and thought about something stupid I was doing and thought, I wonder if someone is watching me.

I am a Crazy Lunatic singing and dancing in my car, I have fallen down the stairs, tripped and fell on my face on the pavement one time, ran right into a parked car, a pole and so on... Oh I am sure people have a GREAT OLD time watching me!

Christie said...

I people watch and sometimes get in trouble for it, or am considered judgemental, but I think it's totally natural.

I'm also pretty sure that I myself am pretty entertaining to avid people watchers as I am so clumsy that I am nearly handicapped from it!!

Great topic!

Dana Leigh said...

I was at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. and it started to rain. A girl started walking down the largle marble steps and because they were wet, started slipping down every stair, one by one. It was so funny and everyone just watched her. When I went down the stairs, I started to do the same thing because when marble is wet, it is VERY slippery and I had sandals on. I didn't slip down as far as she did but I guess that's what I got for laughing at her.

Ang said...


Anonymous said...

I am always extra cool just in case people are watching! lol. Sometimes I have to watch myself while gardening or sun bathing on the deck so not to give neighbors any sneak peaks!


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