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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One day I'll roll in a 1970 Chevelle

What's your dream ride?

What car would you most like to drive and why?

Ever since I can remember I've loved old classic cars. The body, the shape, the power, the sound... they are so clean and beautiful to me. Back in the day I used to know a lot about cars... I rolled with the guys who knew; they would talk and I would listen. I've since grown away from the knowledge but my love for them has continued on.

My dream ride: 1970 Chevelle 454 SS - I go back and forth on the color, but as of this moment it would be dark green with white racing stripes [used to be blue, and for a short bit it was a deep red]. I'd take any color though... just to have the car.

I went to a junk yard the other weekend to take some photos and the place was full of old cars, junky, but still beautiful in their own right. Torn to pieces, picked at, and left for dead... these cars all had shape and character. You know each car had a story to tell... it was so neat to see all those cars.

Over this past weekend I watched American Graffiti for the first time in my life and absolutely loved it ... and all the old Hot Rods in it. Heaven!

Then... on Sunday Steve and I rolled down to Midway. Now, for those who don't know, Midway is a strip of road by Porky's Drive-In where all the classic cars go on Friday and Saturday nights in the summer and just roll up and down the street. Granted, we were there by the light of day, I still had a rush of emotion. I used to spend every weekend down there when I was 17, 18, 19 years old. We'd park and just watch the cars go by. I had a few friends who had pretty nice cars; an El Camino, a Grand National, and some big trucks ... with a few others that would show up every now and then. My mom had a huge truck back then, and I'd drive it down there and just eat up the attention it got me from the boys... Oh man, those were the days!

As we got older and the ways of the world changed [more crime and such], the cops started coming down around 11pm and closing the street off and pretty much made everyone go home. It got lame so we stopped going. I miss it... and I fully intend to make a trip down to Midway this summer and see what it's like 10 years later.

I love thinking back to those times in my life. I used to think I was such a bad ass chick and I always thought that hopping into a 1970 Chevelle with a wife beater and my sexy long hair blowing in the wind would be such a good look for me. Who am I kidding... besides the long hair, it would still be a good look for me. Close your eyes and picture me rollin' - one hand on the wheel, window down and the other arm resting on the window sill... music blaring, probably some bass coming out of the trunk. It's a nice thought; isn't it?


Steve said...

If you want a car like that, you'll have to learn how to drive a stick!

Denise said...

I too love Old Classic Cars! Although, my car would be a 1949 Ford Convertible in Fire Engine Red.


Kristi said...

Nice Ride! I love Hot Rods! For me it is my dad's 1960 Red Corvette


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