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Monday, April 13, 2009


My blog is hosted by blogger - in my dashboard [which is like the 'homepage' for my blog] I have blogger buzz, which is news and sneak peeks into new things blogger is hosting or associated with.  Today I found out about Plinky.  Plinky is a site that offers something for those with 'bloggers block' [aka writers block]... they post a new question or semi-thought provoking thought for you to answer and give some feedback on.... daily.  The account is free and you can link it to your blog, facebook, twitter, and many others.. then you have the option to answer the question and have it automatically post to your selected service.  

I've joined and linked it to this blog.  You will be seeing, once in awhile, posts from me with the little "Powered by Plinky" icon at the bottom; today was my first... so it was just a test.  The question was "If you could eat only one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be?
I wish it would post the question on my blog... but you can find that out by clicking the "Powered by..." icon.  In the future I will post with a different title.  I even have the option to have Plinky post it with a photo for me!

Anyhow- thought I would explain that post and throw the site out there for those lacking topics for blogging [also may be helpful for the TFT posts].  New sites are fun.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool, I will have to check that out.....

Dawn said...

I just tried it and it was pretty simple to set up and publish to my blog. This could actually get me writing more often. Thanks!!!!

Renee said...

this sounds great! I am off to check into it right now, thanks for sharing Ang!


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