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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random v.9.9

First of all, if you're reading this and you've never commented on my blog... go DELURK here, otherwise I'm making my blog private and you won't have access to it anymore. (Don't read on until you do.. you know who you are!)
I appreciate those who did comment and those who have in the past.  I don't need a comment on every blog, but I also don't need you reading my shit all the time without me knowing.  Make your presence known.

Second of all [boys turn your head, I'm going to talk girl stuff here], when I'm, what most people call, PMSing [which BTW does NOT mean I'm a bitch or bitchy] - I have several symptoms of PMS [bloating, fatigue, emotions out of whack, headaches, tenderness, etc.] all of which I can handle.  The one that drives me absolutely up the wall and I can never understand is my need to eat... and not just eat anything, but salt.  I feel like I should just stick a salt stick in my mouth when I wake up and let it ride throughout the day.  I hear most women crave sweets, and it makes me wonder if their cravings for sweets are as bad as mine for salt?  The one huge downfall of craving salt is that it adds to the bloating because I find salt and eat it!  I ate an entire box of Triscuits yesterday [throughout the course of the day] because I needed the salt and never felt full.  Then I start to worry about gaining weight and other stupid things ... it's just sooooo frustrating!  I want to go one month without having these craving and without having to eat [salt] every 5 minutes.

Third of all, I just finalized some plans to go to NYC for the Twins @ Yankees series in May- I'm so excited for that!  I am meeting a friend there and we are going to the Friday night game and the Sunday afternoon game [then flying home right after].  I haven't been to New York since last April, and now that I have my new camera... I'm excited on a whole different level!  Best of all... as usual, it's free to me :) [I mention that just for you Shannon ;)]!

Fourth of all, I've been adding pictures to my latest Photo Scavenger Hunt - you should be checking that often because I'm not going to tell you every time I add more.  I'm having SO much fun taking pictures for it!  I liked the first one because of the local theme but this one is much more challenging, imo, because of trying to find things while still being creative.  The one thing I am struggling with this time is a lot of the topics similar, or at least my thoughts going into the topic are similar.  For example - The Stone Arch Bridge was originally going to be my interesting architecture, then I found out that it's pre-1900, so it went under Historic.  The Weisman is also interesting architecture but it's also metallic, so it went there.  A statue and mosaic/mural can also be a work of art... so while I'm having fun taking the pictures when it comes to placing them, I am having a hard time.  I've been in Minneapolis a lot trying to get all the shots and I'm trying not to have the same thing be under two categories.  There has been a lot of travel involved in getting these shots which has allowed me to see some different things - I love that!  It has also been interesting for me to start looking at things in a different light... I normally see Minneapolis as my city and I love it... it's beautiful to me.  Through this, my eyes have been opened in a new way.  It's amazing to me.
A very special thank you to Steve who has been driving me around, helping me think, and putting up with me ;) since this started.  Also thank you to Nicole for posting the first PSH, and thank you to Kristi for continuing with the trend and posting the second!

Life is good today.


Steve said...


sweetsauer said...

I have only gotten a few things on my Photo Hunt list but yes, I have noticed that several things could go under more than one category. I purposely chose the things that I did because there is a lot of room for interpretation and I love that! I think we will see a great variety. I am going to take as many artistic photos as I can and then at the end of the month I am going to choose my best shots for my Photo Hunt compilation post :)

Renee said...

Woo Hoo!! So good to hear you say life is good today!

as for the womanly issues... I too suffer the cravings.. mine tend to vary every month though. In general it is comfort food I will crave... pastas, gravys, breads with spreads, etc...
This last time.. it was chocolate... and I am not a sweets person! (I did manage to eat half a box of Ding Dongs on my own in 24 hours though.. ugh!!!)

Lynne said...

PMS sucks and only gets worse as you age, so you got that to look forward to.
I am definately going to root for the Twins over the Yankees, and pretty much over anyone really. I forgot for a moment that I am a Twins fan now, sorry. Have a great time in NYC and don't get beat up when you leave the Bronx in your Twins attire.

Dana Leigh said...

I understand the salt thing. I like sweets at the same time though. 4 words: chocolate covered potato chips. They are good. You are so lucky to be going to NYC to see the Twins amongst plenty of other things! I'm not sure I'm going to take a look at your photo hunt pics. I'm trying to avoid looking at anyone's so I stay creative and use my own ideas. I also spent lots of time in Mpls taking pictures this past weekend.

Krysten said...

Jealous of you getting to go to New York and see a Yankees vs. Twins game!

Dawn said...

Sorry....I don't have these troubles cause my birth control keeps me from ever having a period. WOO HOO!!! But then again, I'm fat anyway so it doesn't much matter what I eat anymore.


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