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Thursday, April 9, 2009

TFT: Can, Bottle, or Tap

This could be the single most important TFT I will ever write.

As a woman in her late 20's [ugh], I find myself drinking alcohol quite frequently.  I think this is normal; I drink with my friends and, occasionally, I will have a glass of wine at home by myself.  There is no one thing I drink all the time... hell, look at the url for my blog [dirty martinis and a bottle of wine] - obviously I drink dirty martinis and wine.  I often times find myself ordering a margarita [on the rocks with salt], shots are quite regular on the weekends, but more than anything I find myself drinking beer.  Plain old delicious beer.

I'm a huge fan of Grain Belt Premium - which is produced locally here in Minnesota.  Other times I drink Miller Lite or Bud Lite.... I'm not picky, but I don't drink dark beer.
So, when I'm out at the bar the beer comes from a tap.  If I'm at a friends I'll pick up a case of cans.  A lot of places do not offer Premium on tap, so it'll come from a bottle.  I'm fine with most any of those options.... but I do have a preference, much like any person would.
This also applies to soda - you can get a 20 oz. bottle of Mt. Dew or you can get a 12 oz. can of Mt. Dew... of course there is also Mt. Dew from a tap that you'd find at McDonalds or Burger King... or wherever has 'taps'.

My main focus of beverage here is alcohol because I rarely drink soda, so I just don't feel it applies [to me].

What a silly topic... the more I type the sillier it seems to me. :)

If given the option I would take beer [or soda] in a can over anything else.  I don't know what it is about the can, but the flavor is so much better to me.  I used to HATE beer from a tap... ugh, it was just awful to me!  I drink it now and I guess it's fine [generally cheaper], so I drink it.  A bottle is good and does the trick... but it's just a container.
I love the can; maybe I like the taste of aluminum?

Thoughts for Thursday: Don't think too hard here... just go with what feels natural and what you like best.
Which do you prefer and why; Can, Bottle, or Tap [for anything you drink]?

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Steve said...

I think it all tastes the same! Sometimes though beer from the tap beer can be too bubbly, or too flat, which is annoying. Other than that, it all tastes the same to me..

Renee said...

I cannot stand beer.. so have no educated opinion on that one. As for sodas, I really don't drink those anymore either... but if I was going to... I really only like "tap" ones. Has to be an Ice Cold, Fizzy Dr. Pepper over a full cup of ice for me.

~Terri~ said...

I'm a soda drinker. Nothing better then a fountain soda from the corner Quick Trip!

Shannon said...

OOOh Angela I just happened to be sitting here thinking how good a nice cold beer would taste right about now lol.. then I just happened to come on here and read this! (It's a sign?!) But unlike you, I would rather not drink beer out of a can. I feel like maybe the aluminum does have a taste to it, and I don't like it. So, tap or bottle for me!

Lynne said...

don't drink beer and not much of a soda drinker either. But, tap or bottle, you can have the cans!

Dawn said...

Yep...not a fan of the can here. Either soda or beer....just don't care much for the can. Bottle or tap for me.

Anonymous said...

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