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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend 10/1-2/11

On Friday - I kicked ass cleaning - I clean my gma's apartment, I cleaned our basement bathroom (top to bottom) and I cleaned our upstairs bathroom (top to bottomish).  We then went to Red Lobster with my grandma, my dad and his wifey.  We then came home and Steve took on another weekend of making homemade margaritas; this time using freshly muddled grapefruit and oranges.  They were not as good as the margaritas he made the weekend before.  Overall, it was a good night!

On Saturday, Steve and I went to Taste! which is an event put on my MSP Mag.  Basically food and wine tasting, held at TCF Bank Stadium (where the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team plays) - what a beautiful venue on a beautiful day.  They even had some of the Minneapolis food trucks outside giving away samples - which was fun for me as I don't work downtown, so I really have no way of trying these places!  I had high hopes for taking pictures of EVERYTHING, but it turns out most of the time I had wine in one hand and food in the other... so you're left with just these:

Food Trucks

Beautiful Stadium!

Gophers Locker room - it is HUGE!!

CELEBRITY SIGHTING - Eric Perkins - one of the strangest guys on TV, I threatened to ask for an autograph, but chickened out.  Imagine if I met a real celebrity!

all the people!

Sushi from Aji Sushi in Hopkins - delish! (couldn't find a website to link to)

We were given a glass (to keep, yay!) and a tasting notebook to write down all of our tasting notes - I think I wrote like 3 things down.

Saturday night there was a surprise 30th birthday party for my dear friend Abbie - I don't have any pictures with her, but I do have one of myself with my other dear friend, Amanda (with bunny ears, never gets old people!!):

On Sunday, Steve and I decided to partake in some of the Parade of Homes Remodeling Showcase on our way to Minnehaha Falls.  Not only did we see some stuff worth remembering, but we also added to our list of dreams - so many things we could do to our home.  In the midst of it all, we stopped at an antique store in St. Paul and purchased a nice Pyrex casserole dish (aka hotdish dish) that looks exactly like this and matches our antique Pyrex mixing bowls and we never actually made it to Minnehaha Falls.  It turned out to be a great day!  Tatertot Hotdish was waiting at home for dinner!  yum!
Oh, and the Vikings lost again... bringing them to an amazing low of 0-4.  That's zero games won and four games lost, for those who don't follow.  What the fuck Vikings - how am I supposed to have a blog with football in the title if you can't even give me something to write about?!  I'm still a fan and always will be (us Vikings fans never set our sights too high), but I'm already setting my sights on next year, as per normal. ;)  and here I thought it was just Childress holding us back....

So yep - that's the weekend, in a nutshell.
Tonight I'm meeting up with Krysten, Dana, Kristi, and Kim for dinner in St. Paul - it should prove to be a good time, right ladies?!

One last question to direct you in your commenting: if you ordered ~$50 worth of stuff from a website and received those items only to receive them again a few days later (aka double shipped)... what would you do?  No one has contacted me from the business saying they messed up...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You SO should have asked for his autograph. And I totally agree, he is SO weird.

Dana said...

What a fab weekend! I debated about going to that event on Saturday too. (Did you get tix through one of the coupon sites?) Excited for tonight! As for the shipping error, I wouldn't say anything unless they contacted me. It's my way of feeling "owed" for all the times that I've been ripped off by businesses over the years. It's not right but I justify it every time with that answer. Oh, and I love the vintage Pyrex!

Kristi said...

I wanted to go to the Taste! event but just couldn't afford it right now. boo!! Oh well, hopefully next time. I think it is funny that people consider media/news personalities as celebrities, but I guess when you see them so frequently on the news they sort of become that. Very excited for our dinner, I will be leaving work very soon!

gringationcancun said...

Ever since I saw an episode of The Great Food Truck Race I've been dying to go to one!!

I dunno what I'd do... I'd probably call them and ask what they wanted. (if it's a large company and only $50, they'll probably tell you to just keep it.)

Smart Ass Sara said...

That taste event looks super fun... though I probably wouldn't eat anything because I'm a picky eater?? LOL. :)

And for the package- I've had that happen! I would absolutely call, because when it happened to me, my card got charged a second time months later. I was NOT a happy camper. So call, and I bet htey will just let you keep it. :)

KimBerly said...

Looks like a fun time. Your man is a looker.

On the double ship thing. Wait to see if you get double charged. If not then it's their error. Not yours.


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