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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend 9/24-25/11

So I had a pretty fun weekend!

Friday all day we (me and Alex - the girl helping me plan the baby shower) went out and went shopping for groceries, decorations, etc. for the party.  It was a successful day - the only part that made me a bit crabby was the fact that she had to cut our time short, so while we were supposed to be putting together our gift for mama-to-be, Pam, she was getting ready and leaving me at her house to do it all alone.  This is what we I made:

It's a onesie bouquet that I found on Pinterest - basically made of onesies, washcloths, socks, hats, and a few silk flowers for texture.  I honestly LOVE the way it turned out and I'm glad to say I made it!

Saturday was a pretty low key morning - I had all my stuff done for the shower, so this was my day to relax and not worry about a thing until Sunday.  Little did I expect several calls, texts, and emails on the topic of shower.  I'll spare you the details because I honestly don't care to ever read back on some of the stuff I was dealing with the day before.
That evening was planned to be a night out to support a friend of mine, Rich.  He used to be in a band... and long story short, the lead singer of this band has a baby girl who has racked up some pretty hefty medical bills; Charloette has lymphangioma.  Here are a couple of websites if you ever care to give a few dollars to help the family out with some of the expense
Donate here:

So Steve and I went to this bands reunion show - where... I got to spend a little bit of time with a few blogging ladies that you probably read: Kristi and Dana (sorry girls, it got a bit blurry):
Both, Kristi and Dana went to school with Rich - so for them it was like a high school reunion with me and Steve crashing the party - or at least that is what it seemed like!  I actually know Kristi through Rich, and met her before I had a blog.  Dana, being friends with Kristi, I got to meet back in 2009 for a sushi date for Kristi's birthday!

Here is Rich, on the drums:

Anyhow- so Saturday was fun.  I found myself back in time singing along to all the songs I remembered!

Then comes SUNDAY - The baby shower day is here!
Let's just say that Pam was so happy and after a few minor hiccups, the day went off without a hitch.  Again, I don't care to have these 'hiccups' in written word to ever read back on.  Pam was happy and felt loved all day - that's what important!
My beautiful cousin, Shannon, was there and I asked if she'd be the photographer for the day, since I was likely going to be busy the whole time - and Thank God for Shannon (thank you Shannon!!!!)!  We ended up with just under 200 pictures, which is perfect!  Some of you may have seen them on facebook, if not, here are a few highlights:
Punch with rubber duckies  :) 

Shannon and I

Mother-to-be in the middle, party planners on the outside

Pam and I

Mom and Dad (to be)
Alex and Pam

Pam and Nick with the bouquet I made :)
Just me... not frazzled at all ;)

Pam and her mother

Pam and the A-Team (Ang, Alex, Abbie)

Nick and Pam with Nick's mother, Nancy
Just Pam, preggers!
So after the shower I went home and pretty much chilled... I was beat.

The End.


gringationcancun said...

Looove the bouquet!!!

And I'm jealous you got to hang out with Kristi!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Awesome job on the bouquet! It looks like it was a super fun and successful shower-- good job!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I actually had to look close to see that that bouquet was made of onesies! You did an awesome job!

And now I'm even more excited for the blogger meetup next week!

Kristi said...

I had so much fun on Saturday night!!! Seriously! Your pics turned out better than mine but I got some decent video. I still cannot belive my students were next to me at the show, I would've died if I had been drinking or worse...shitfaced. Damn, I can't go anywhere. lol

Kristi said...

Now for my comment about the wonderful baby shower... that is awesome that you did that for your friend, looks like she really enjoyed it :)

Dana said...

I love the bouquet! You did a great job with the planning and that punch bowl idea is adorable! Saturday was soooo much fun and you didn't crash the HS reunion. :) It was great to see you and the pic of all of us is cute! I hope you'll let me use it on my blog!


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