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Monday, September 19, 2011

My weekend

What have I been up to this weekend?
Friday I went to the dentist - no cavities!  WOO-HOO!

Saturday - Steve and I rented a Boom Lift from Home Depot; this is not ours, but it's the exact same one (found the picture on Google Images).
and I got in that bitch... and spent the entire day up there - scraping trim, sanding trim, priming trim, painting trim.  Here is a picture of me taking a break while mid-air (I was standing in it most of the day):

We seriously painted all day.  We woke up and ate breakfast, I got a killer stomach ache, and we were out painting by like 10am, I think.  We had to return it by 8:31pm, we didn't eat again until after it was dropped off - Perkins (breakfast) was dinner.  I tried to drink a glass of wine afterwards, but it just put me to sleep.

Sunday was forecasting rain, so we planned to sleep in off the bat.  There would be no painting this day (thank God!).  Got up, ate breakfast, went to Dunn Bros. to get my first ever Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I was a bit let down - I couldn't taste the pumpkin... Steve could... so maybe my taste buds are sick.  Vikings game began and was looking good!  Then, Steve went in the kitchen to start getting our dinner ready (ribs), but we had bad meat and by bad, I mean rancid.  My smeller was obviously bad on Sunday, because I couldn't smell much; Steve wanted to vomit.  Having his heart set on ribs for dinner, he ran to the store to buy more - upon his return he had a bottle of bloody mary mix and pickles!  What a guy, right?!?!
2 bloody's later I'm feeling GOOD!  He then decides it's time to switch to margaritas - the homemade kind (freshly squeezed lime juice, agave nectar, orange bitters, tequila, ice and a salted rim!)  YUM.  We had 2 of those as well.
All this while watching the movie 300.
Ribs for dinner at about 7:00 or so... Emmy's on TV... safe to say we had a pretty darn good day!
We were off to bed at about 9:00pm... probably to sleep around 10:00pm ;)

In all, it was a good weekend - productive and lazy all wrapped into one!

What did YOU do this weekend?!

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So... even though I don't like football (I'm sorry!) I think I'm going to come to your house from now on so I can eat good food and get drunk! Yay!

love jenny xoxo said...

the vikes got me so excited only to let me down... they looked so awesome at the beginning of the game! but the bloodies and margaritas must have helped!


Anonymous said...

Wrote about my weekend on my blog just now... pretty busy!

That machine looks like FUN! and you look pretty badass with the harness :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

I went canoeing... but you already know this. :) Are you at least almost done with painting or do you have more weekends to do it?

Murdock's mama said...

Oh my...I am NOT jealous of your weekend! That machine just looks scary!!

Overall we didn't do much. Dinner and a friends house on Friday night. Saturday we worked at a wedding and Sunday we slept in a watched football most of the day. Damn Vikings! :(

Have an awesome week!

Dana said...

Painting sucks but you're cute in the that thing!


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