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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few things I've done

My calendar has been pretty full as of late and while the events are winding down (only to be taken over by the holiday season) I still have a few comings up:
This Thursday Steve and I are taking advantage of Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities (does your city do this? A list of restaurants offering 3 course dinners for a fixed price..) and going to The Oceanaire - I'm SO flipping excited.  not only have I wanted to check this place out for YEARS, but after the Taste event Steve and I went to a few weeks ago where I was able to sample some of their food.. it's all I can think about.  I could live off seafood if I had a better paying job.
Saturday we are going up to Duluth for a Halloween party.  I have all the supplies for my costume, but I've yet to make/put it together (you'll see next week in pictures).  I hope to take advantage of The Anchor Bar while we're up there - last time we tried to go we were barely noticed to order our food, so we left.  Bad service or no bad service, I want to eat their food.
The weekend after that, we are going to be downtown Minneapolis for my cousin's fiance's 25th birthday party.  It should prove to be a good time!

This past weekend was a shit ton of fun!  I'll share all the photos from my weekend after I tell you about it.
On Friday I planned a last minute photo shoot of my brother and his family Cayden is about 1 and a half, Jordan is 4 - and they are so damn cute!  Some of the photos have turned out so wonderful!
After that I took Jordan over to my moms place and the 3 of us went to the pumpkin patch to let Jordan play with all the stuff and ride a pony and jump in the bouncy house... she had a blast and I love watching her grow up and see how she interacts with other kids!

Saturday we ran some errands and then went home and started drinking before 5pm... and drank until midnight.  I edited photos for the most part (even though I wanted to work on my Halloween costume) and we watched The Wizard of Oz on Blu-Ray.  It was a good night, simple, low key, and I got to spend it with the man of my dreams.

Sunday we headed to the train station to make our way downtown Minneapolis to tailgate and then go to the Vikings vs. Packers game.  We got drunk, I shotgunned my first beer, the Vikings lost, but overall I'd say the day was a big WIN!  It was Steve, myself, my brother, and my girl Amanda.

Monday (yesterday) after work Steve and I headed over to my friend Abbie's house to carve pumpkins and eat dinner!  This is our second year doing this down at Abbie's house.  It was Abbie and Nick, Pam and Nick, Steve and myself, and our friend Amanda.  Pam is preggers and due in 3 weeks... this is probably the last time I'll see her before she is a mama!  I'm so excited for her - a few weeks ago her man proposed (totally forgot to blog about that)... so they are engaged as well!

What a successful few days!
From Family Photos:

I LOVE this photo

From tailgating:

At the train station

the beginning of the shotgun

Mid shotgun (I look pro; don't I?)

The end of the shotgun (my brother is slow)
Afterwards, the dude taking the picture said "Say Skol!!!" which just solidifies the fact that saying "Cheese" during a picture really is the best thing to say!  LOL, I love this picture!
At the game with Amanda
From dinner and pumpkin carving with friends:
My pumpkin

All the girls' pumpkins lit up

The girls

The group

Steve's pumpkin

I'm going to try and take some better photos of them lit up at our house tonight - so hard to see them here.

That's all :-P


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fun weekend! I don't know what shotgunning is, but it looks fun :)

I need to get my friends here into carving pumpking, it looks so fun! (not this year though.. we got a hurricane coming in Thursday!)

Ang said...

I never thought about someone NOT knowing what shotgunning is!!
here is from Wikipedia:
To shotgun a beverage, a small hole is punched in the side of the can, close to the bottom. In order to prevent the liquid from spilling out while the cut is made, the can is held horizontally, tilted slightly, and the hole is made in the resulting air pocket. The hole can be made with any sharp object (usually a key, bottle opener, pen, knife, other sharp instrument, or possibly teeth or a thumb with enough experience). The drinker then places his or her mouth over the hole while rotating the can straight up. When the can's tab is pulled, the liquid will quickly drain through the hole into the drinker's mouth.

Kristi said...

FIRST, I AM SUPER JEALOUS YOU'RE GOING TO THE OCEANAIRE. oops, caps lock was on. I have never been there and would love to go. And I have NEVER been to restaurant week either!! E works too much and is crabby so I haven't gone to many new places lately. Gonna have to go w/o him, I guess!
Looks like a fun weekend and your nieces have gotten so darn big!! Nice pumpkins and photos too :)
Have fun this weekend!!

Dana said...

So much fun! I've wanted to go to Oceanaire for so long and I decided months ago that I was going to go for my next birthday (January) but with the next "diet", that won't be happening. :( Please report on it though! I've taken part in Restaurant Week multiple times, mostly for Fogo de Chao, which again is not on the diet plan. :( The photos of your bro's fam look great! Nice job. And P.S...Damn you for not stopping by and saying hi to us when tailgating on Sunday!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Holy wow, sounds like you had a really awesome weekend! Kudos to you for shot gunning your first beer - I'm not sure I could EVER do that but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

I still need to email you! Gah, so behind.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Anchor does have bad service most of the time- so you might have to just be like, "we need a burger!" It's worth it and grab extra napkins. I make a mess out of myself every time I eat there! If you are out and about in Duluth on Saturday night- check out Dub Linn's (I think that's how it's spelled) put in downtown Duluth- they have a cool bar and a comedy thing on Saturday nights. OTHERWISE, there might be fun stuff happening in Fitgers at those bars? I can't remember where the fun stuff was happening in the area.

Smart Ass Sara said...

And wave at me when you are in Superior since I'll be running errands all over town! :)

KimBerly said...

Sounds like a busy but fun time. I love the photos.

I wish that Brent and I go to enjoy time together before Jake. We were together less then a year when Jake arrived. Of course we knew each other for 13 years all together but not the whole time as a couple. I envy those who have those times before child.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! What fun!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

You're so busy!!! I love the pumpkin! I always carve mine the same way...I need to break away from my 'norm' and do something different this year :)

Bonnie said...

I love the pictures! You look like you have a full life. :) I can't be anything but busy, so I know how you must feel!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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