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Monday, October 10, 2011


Before I get started - LOL at those who commented on my last blog title and how it no where was mentioned in my post.  It's my way of keeping you on your toes!  It's how I roll.  (and yeah, Jamie Foxx... I know!!)

Now, begin rant -
Want to know what pisses me off more than pretty much anything lately?!
Steve and I always walk side by side when we're in public, as any couple would, right?  Most of the time we will hold hands (unless he knows someone near by, he gets all weird and tries to not hold my hand..).  So even as we're walking by other people - we have it down to an art where we continue to hold hands; he bends his arm behind him and I just scoot to the back until we pass the people.  No biggie.

Lately, it's come to my attention that no one moves for us!  I get that we're OBVIOUSLY better/nicer than most everyone because we're kind enough to move.. but what gives - why does NO ONE else do this?  It's not just couples either, it's simply
I made a vow to stop moving for people, I'll scoot over and get closer to Steve, but I'm DONE walking behind him!
A woman and her friend/sister, we walked by them, I scooted closer to Steve, they didn't even budge.  So we end up hitting our arms against each other - and I fucking hate touching other people, especially people I don't know, it was so nasty.  She didn't even move over to get kind of out of the way.  Bitch.
This is just one story - I kind of tested the market on Saturday as we were strolling around in Stillwater and then around the Xcel Energy Center (on the several block walk to the game, not while inside the Xcel, obviously you've gotta take drastic measures inside a sports venue).  People suck.  That's the conclusion I've drawn.

Have some damn respect for other people and at least move the fuck over and pretend like you want to be nice.

I'm OFFICIALLY done moving behind my man, I'll continue to stand proud next to him while holding his hand.  Being a nice person by nature, I'll probably continue to move closer to him, but that's fucking it.



Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dustin and I were never really the hand holding couple. He's so much taller than me that holding hands was awkward. But I totally want to test your theory. Hmm.

Dawn said...

Try walking without Steve.....just be walking.....and REALLY pay attention to not moving out of the way and see how many people STILL bump you. People are just more rude than I can ever remember. Or maybe it's that everyone seems to think they are more entitled than ever. I don't know what the deal is.....but I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

Jorge and I don't do much hand holding in public for this exact reason! Whenever we're at the mall or wherever, we're constantly having to snake our way through crouds. I don't mind it much because I understand there are tons of people, but the people who walk slowly and take up the whole aisle piss me off.

Kristi said...

One of my pet peeves are the people who just stop in the middle of a walkway, door or whatever to talk to someone....move out of the effin way!!!! I usually say "Excuse me, you're blocking the way" just to make a point.
Not quite the same thing you're talking about but it bugs me probably just as much!!

Dana said...

I hate when people do that too and I experience it whether I'm by myself or with M. Annoying!

Melissa Blake said...

I agree with you!

KimBerly said...

I never move but I'm kinda bitchy like that. Sometimes it's like a game of chicken to see who will move first. I usually win.


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