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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Oldies} Tubular Tuesdays Music Linkup


So, the idea of this linkup really excited me... a way to take a look through all your music and remember the times in your life that shaped who you are and the music that was playing in the background.  Krystal and Jen are hosting this Tuesday Linkup for the next several weeks, so it's not too late to join in and play along!  Each Tuesday, from today until December 6th, has a different theme.  This weeks theme is Oldies (Anything 1979 or earlier).  After putting the list together, I realize that most of my picks are slower songs.

So Oldies... I was born in 1981, so pre-1979 doesn't have any memories of the things going on in my life... but I do love me some old songs!  A couple of my favorites:
I absolutely LOVE Etta James, specifically the song At Last.  When no one is watching, I WAIL thing song at the TOP of my lungs (...and I obviously sound JUST like Ms. James, herself).  There is nothing magical about this song as far as why or how I know it - I heard it once, and fell in love; it's been one of my favorites ever since.

I think I mentioned on a different music post that I love the song Imagine by John Lennon.  It's a magical and powerful song to me.. simply put.

Anyone who says Queen isn't talented has NO idea what talent is.  I first heard this song, as I'm sure most people my age, in the movie Wayne's World, I specifically love the part where they all begin headbanging!  Anyhow, ever since then, when I hear this song, I think of that movie.  It's a great song, and it's fun!

The last song I'll list here is a faster, groovier song... it's a dance song, about a dance... a little ditty called The Locomotion.  If you don't sing along to this, you're just a party pooper!

Check out Krystal's blogs for linkup information!


Nichole said...

I like your picks! We thought about doing At Last for our first dance song for our wedding, but didn't know if people would get it or not, lol. Such a good song! And I love me some Bbohemian Rhapsody, good stuff!

Krystal said...

Ditto -- great picks! I think the Locomotion is so funny -- havent heard that in a LONG time!

Jennifer B said...

Thanks for linking up! You had some amazing picks!

Dana said...

I am so on board with your first two picks. I have gotten teary-eyed when listening to both of those songs. Look forward to seeing your future picks. Music choices define a person somewhat IMO so let's see what you're all about! :)

Ang said...

Oh NO - the pressure is ON!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am SO happy you included The Locomotion! I LOVED that song!

Kristi said...

How fun! I want to play along, I will have to think about this one for a minute. Do the girls let you know ahead of time what the topic will be? This takes some thought!


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