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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Costumes, Halloween, and Music... OH MY!

Wanted to share a few things:
First, date night to The Oceanaire last Thursday - While the food was amazing, we looked way better than amazing!

Second, my Halloween costume:
What am I, you ask?  I'm a HUGE mustache!

We've got a flapper, a zombie something, Static cling, Black Swan, and a Dexter Kill Table victim.  (plus some other random's)
The theme of the Halloween party was Dexter - so the hosts were Dexter himself, and a kill table victim, which was basically Steph wrapped up in plastic wrap.  It was pretty amazing!  My mustache?  I'm very intrigued by this trend of mustache stuff - mustache necklaces, drawings on fingers, t-shirtsfurniture, I just don't get it.  Seriously, that's just a small sample - if you google the words "mustache trend" you'll find coffee mugs, pacifiers for babies... it's crazy.  Why are mustaches so 'in' right now?  Anyhow - being that I didn't (and still don't) 'get it'.. I decided why not be something super awesome for Halloween?!  So I took a piece of black felt and folded it in half, I took a fabric pencil and drew out half the shape of a mustache and then cut... I took a white full bodysuit (made for painting or other home projects) and sewed the mustache to it.  Costume... Done.
I was a top finalist in the costume contest but did not win.  The black swan did.  I personally thought the kill table victim should have won - for anyone who watches Dexter, she was on the money!

Third - Halloween night:
Our front stoop
We had a lot of trick-or-treaters, this being the first year at this house, we weren't sure how many we'd have.  Steve was being a pessimist and I (the eternal optimist) was doing what I do best.  I bought 4 lbs. of candy!  We didn't get rid of it all, but we had a great turn out and I LOVED everything about Halloween night.  The kids were SO polite Thank you, Have a nice night, Happy Halloween - it was wonderful.  I can't wait for next year, I'm so going to dress up for answering the door!  Anoka has brought out my Halloween spirit!

Fourth - the music link up I did yesterday, I failed to post the important details - it started yesterday and will run every Tuesday until December 6th.  Each week has a theme:

November 8th *** 80s
November 15th *** 90s
November 22nd *** 00s
November 29th *** Current
December 6th *** Bonus Week: Soundtracks

Lastly, a picture of my cat I took one morning while eating breakfast, straight out of the camera - tell me how it makes you feel?



Kristi said...

Isn't Anoka the Halloween capitol or something like that?! You and Steve look great. Mustaches are definitely "in" right now.... my brother Jeff and his friends at work are having some kind of mustache competition this month:) Cool costume idea!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I adore your date night pic, you guys look awesome.

And I totally don't get the mustache trend either. Personally I think they're kind of icky. But your costume? GENIUS.

Nichole said...

I seriously love your costume! I just wore...a mustache as my "costume". Not very original on my part, LOL

Dana said...

Great costume!! So many fun things in this post and I love the sun's rays in the picture of your cat. It looks warm and inviting but because of the color it looks vintage.

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

1. I LOVE the picture from date night. You are gorgeous.

2. Your costume made me actually laugh out loud.

3. Your cat is fabulous <3

Alexa said...

Hahaha. Awesome costume. That is truly genius!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Random: there is a Mustache Run in March in Duluth.. and I kind of want to do it? Mostly because you get a stick on mustache and a pint glass with a mustache on it.


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