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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ahhhh.... Television!

No Spoilers here folks, just some good old fashion TV talk!  Spoilers come in the next post... because I have sooo much to say!

So, I'm one of those people who openly admits that I love television.  I get sick of those people who say TV rots your brain or that they don't watch it for whatever reason.  Surely I understand if your life is just too busy... but some things you just HAVE to make time for!!  I make time for TV, because it is my source of drama, its my escape from real life, it's an easier way to follow a story (over reading, which I am just not good at).  I'm low drama on a personal level, but I feed on drama on the tube... so without further ado I would like to share some thoughts with you on this season of TV shows that I am a loyal fan of.... (thank God for Tivo).

Grey's - Generally Grey's has me on the edge of my seat, every episode throughout and wanting more, every episode at the end.  This year I feel Grey's has settled a bit and I find myself surfing the web and not paying full attention to it while it's on.  I'm not a fan of Christina and Owen, Izzie popping in and out is annoying, I miss George, the new interns need larger roles, Lexie and McSteamy are old news (so is his daughter).  I just don't feel like it's a show about doctors anymore, it's a prime-time soap opera.  I watch The Bold and The Beautiful... that plenty for me.  I won't give up yet.. but I'm bored with it.  Do some surgery, re-shape the cast, stop making everyone so whiny, and let's have some hospital drama again!  Granted, they have had some wicked cases roll into that hospital!

Private Practice - I've been watching this show since it began because I wanted to keep up with Addison, it didn't hurt that Taye Diggs was in it and it's from the same creator as Grey's.  I've loved the show, every season.  It's not one of those out of the ordinary 'that would never happen in real life' shows... it's honest to goodness real life, but not real.  I can't wait to see where this season goes, it's already been so good; how can it get better?!

Nip/Tuck - A while back I posted this blog about how I was ready to give up on Nip/Tuck.  Well, I watched a few more episodes and instantly became hooked again.  It's such an outlandish show, I can't help but watch.  Mid-season I found out it was the last season of the series... so I'm very glad I am sticking with it.  I'm curious to see how it ends, I'm hoping to won't be a Soprano's type ending that leaves everyone talking, forever; something tells me it will be though.  I'd like to Netflix all of the seasons again and slowly make my way through them, just to remember and enjoy it all over.  Maybe one day...
I will admit that once this season is over, I'll be glad to wipe an hour long show off my Tivo's 'To Do List'.

The Office - Still a great show, but with the ~month long hiatus, I've found myself moving on.  I'm hoping to get more invested since episodes are (hopefully) back up and running.  I'm excited for Jim and Pam... other than that, I really have no memory of what has happened this season.  sad.  Though I do remember "Scott's Tots" - that episode was extremely uncomfortable.  I will never give up on this show.

Desperate Housewives - I always struggle with this show because it's pretty outrageous, yet so intriguing.  Another that I've watched since episode 1, and i can't turn it off, even when they had the bad season (season 2 or 3, I think).  I love how they always have one family that is suspicious and they keep you guessing until the end, I love how every character is a real life person yet the story is unlikely, I love Lynette and Tom.  I love where every story is going and always find myself wanting a little bit more at the end.  I enjoy shows that offer a deep underlying, relationship building story - yet have each episode with it's own problem.

Last but not least, I just finished Season 5 of Weeds (again, no spoilers here) - and I must say that Weeds is probably one of the best shows ever made.  I almost want to pay my cable company extra to have Showtime... I cannot say enough how amazing this show is to me.  I don't even know words to describe it accurately.

On a side note: The Jersey Shore cast has been signed to do another reality show, in a different location.  I'm not sure how it will be, I will watch it though.  I know there will never be another Jersey Shore, so I'm not getting my hopes up.  Pauly D will be there though; I might have a crush on a Guido.  sad.

Also, The Amazing Race starts on 14Feb, Jordan and Jeff (former Big Brother players) are going to be on it.  I've never watched TAR, but I think I'll be tivo'ing this season (at least until they get kicked off, or however it works).. because Jeff is dreamy.  That, my friends, is extremely sad.

Stay Tuned for some spoilers in another post... at least about Weeds Season 5.  OMG.


xoxoKrysten said...

I totally agree with you about Grey's - it makes me sad because this show used to be SO good and now it's just bleh.

And Jersey Shore... well, you know I love it. Can't help myself.

I'm the same way about TV - I have SO many shows that I watch and I love them all. Totally not afraid to admit it!

Sara Ballstaedt said...

love it.
huge grey's fan!

Anonymous said...

You will LOVE The Amazing Race! It's one of my absolute favorite shows. Lots of real drama, and you learn so much about culture and geography at the same time!

I could never stand Grey's Anatomy... like you say, everyone is just so whiny! I just dislike almost all of the characters.

Personally, I'm excited about Lost! I have to watch it online, though. They don't show it on Mexican cable until about 6 months after it airs. Oh well!

Lovi said...

I totally agree about Grey's. I'm bored as well. I never got into Pravite Practice or any of the others that you mentioned, except Amazing Race every now and then. This is worse than when Izzie was having sex with a ghost...puh-lease!


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