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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weeds: Season 5 {**SPOILERS**}

Shannon, Dawn, and anyone else who hasn't watched ALL of Season 5 - DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE!!!  Literally every. last. second.

Weeds... oh, Weeds!
So, I got through the season in just over a weeks time... turns out joining a gym and having a boyfriend takes up a lot of time.

I think, for any Weeds lover, it's safe to say that Nancy Botwin is absolutely something else, right?!  Not only is Mary-Louise Parker an amazing actress, the writers have written a character that is so out there that any of us would aspire to be her but have little to no interest in living her actual life.  
That's how I feel anyhow.

I've spent hours trying to write this blog and I have two sitting in draft form because I cannot decide the best way to talk about S5.  I've tried to recap, but there is way too much to keep it short.  I've tried to take time to spell out the important details, even if it does get long.  I just don't know what to say, there is so much to tell.  So I'm just going to type, and I'm going to be honest and whatever comes out is what you get.  

I think the best place to start is the jaw-dropping finale.  However, to do that, I feel like you need some character background, which gets into details... fuck it, I'm just going to type.

Last Episode: Nancy has enlisted Guillermo to kill Pilar, but it has to happen tonight.  Pilar has basically cut Esteban's balls off and Nancy wants her out of their lives.  Nancy and Esteban attend a party, which Pilar has instructed Nancy to leave {with a headache} after a period of time.  Upon Nancy's exit, Pilar walks outside with her while explaining that Guillermo works for her (Pilar) and she (Nancy) is way out of her league.  She goes on about how Shane and Silas will be the ones to pay for Nancy's mistake.  As they're talking, you see Pilar get whacked upside the head and fly into the pool they are standing next to, left for dead.  Shane whacked Pilar upside the head with a croquet mallet!  

Never ever saw that coming, though, throughout the season you watch Shane's character develop into many things.  Not to mention a few seasons ago when he was talking to his dead father across the table from him.    They've done a fantastically natural job of bringing him to that point yet never making you suspect that he'd do something like that.

So what's next?  S6 is most likely going to start where this season has ended, in true Weeds fashion, so you'll have Nancy and Shane standing by the pool with Pilar's body afloat.  Obviously you clean the croquet mallet and get your boy out of there, right?  Wait though, Esteban know's Pilar left with you, who else knows?  Would Esteban even care; maybe he'd help cover your {fine} ass and keep you from getting in trouble.  What if season 6 starts with Shane in jail?!  OMG - There are so many unanswered questions...

I have literally zero words to describe the way that Weeds makes me feel.  I think it's easily the best show ever made.  I love it.  I can't say anything more, though my passion runs much deeper.

I think I'm going to start all over, from season 1 - just for good measure.  I'm so excited...


xoxoKrysten said...

I tried to watch S1 on Netflix and the first episode didn't grab my attention at all. But you make it sound like such a great show! Is it something I should stick with a little longer?

Ang said...

Well, I'm obviously a fan, so my opinion is likely bias. HOWEVER... I would give it more than just one episode, try the first disc of the first season, then go from there.
I started it on Netflix and rushed out to buy all that were on DVD because I couldn't wait the day to get a new disc.

Anonymous said...

I just finished S5 too. Words can't describe my love for Shane!Doug and Celia weren't as funny as usual this time around though which was a bummer. :(
Here's hopin' Shane uses that same mallet to off his stepfather come next season and the Botwins can get the heck outta there! lol.

Dawn said...

LOL....Season 5 arrived in my mailbox last night and I have now watched the whole season. Stayed up until 3am last night, and finished off the last 2 episodes this evening.

Shane has certainly evolved into quite the little mobster. Although he looked HORRIFIED at the golf driving range, when he took on the 2 private school kids who were messing with his unconscious step sister, I knew he was not to be messed with...but I STILL did not see that ending coming AT ALL.

I actually like Nancy and Esteban together....I just wish there was some way to get some of the funniness from back in the first 2 seasons back.

Emm Laurence said...

I can't wait! Thanks for the spoilers by the way! ;) I love this show!

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