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Monday, February 8, 2010

Avocado Crab Salad Recipe

Once upon a time someone came up with this idea to mix avocado with crab meat and... some other things that I couldn't remember.  I wanted to make this again, so I decided to start with the basics and improvise from there.

I'm presenting you with a starting point, but this recipe can be adjusted to any of your personal likes; not only delicious but a great healthy snack!

What you'll need: 

  • Avocado, cubed or mashed, depending on preference - if you are making this for one, you can use a whole avocado for yourself.  If making for more than one as an appetizer you can use half an avocado per person.
  • Imitation Crab Meat, roughly chopped - you can buy any style of this you'd like as you'll be chopping it up anyways.
  • Limes
This is so easy you'll die!

Open and clean the avocado (click here if you don't know how to do this).  A little note about the video: I don't have sound at work, so if the dude sounds like an idiot, I apologize.  Also, if you are making this for guests and decide to cube the meat of the avocado while in its skin (like in the video), pay special attention to not cut through the skin of the avocado and don't throw the skin out, more on that in a second.

Put all the avocado meat in a bowl along with chopped up crab meat.  Take a half of lime and hand squeeze the juice into the bowl (don't worry about getting every last drop of juice, make it to your liking, but enough to at least coat the mixture); lime juice will help prevent the avocado from browning and will add delicious freshness to your creation.  I don't add any salt or pepper, but you may want to.

I don't completely mash the avocado but kind of let it do it's own thing from cubed as I take a spoon and mix it all together.  If you like a mashed avocado, mash away!  

Now, if you are serving this to yourself, plop it in a dish and eat; it's that simple!  If you are serving to guest, take the avocado skin and plop some of the salad into it and serve.  It gives it a neat presentation and makes it fun for your guests.  I like to overfill the skin (picture below was my bright idea after eating almost all of mine).

There is so much you could add to this to make it even better; think guacamole ingredients (onion, tomato, etc.) but you're adding crab meat and eating it in chunk style rather than as a dip.  Get creative and make it however you like it!  


gringationcancun said...


HAHA victory! I can finally beat out my Mexican brother-in-law in a guacamole-making contest.

It would also be great with quesadillas. (I learned how to make mushroom quesadillas from another blogger on Friday.)


xoxoKrysten said...

Mm looks delicious!

Kristi said...

am starving right now and this made me hungrier!! Yum, I love avocado and I also love crab....


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