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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Manual Transmission

While I'd never outright ask; I'm dying to learn how to drive a stick (manual transmission).

Let me take you back to the days when I first started to drive. Just kidding.. I started to drive when I was like 4 years old (think Britney Spears with her kids)...

On my 16th Birthday I skipped my morning classes and went to take the drivers licenses test. I passed, 98/100 (getting docked for turning my wheels the wrong way parking on a hill, never again will I screw that up!). I had my Ford Bronco II waiting for me, drove it to school, skipped school the rest of the week and drove my ass off. Back then gas was all of 89 cents/gallon, so ya get your friends to chip in a few bucks and you drive for days!

After some time of driving my mom asked me if I wanted to learn how to drive a stick; my brother car was a manual and we could use that. Okay, why not.

A quick fact about me is that I hate being laughed at when I am trying to do something or learn something. This trait was much more predominate when I was in my teens.

So my mom and I go out one day, in my brothers car, to some random street. We change places and now I'm in the drivers seat. "Apply the gas slowly as you let out the clutch"

Attempt #1: car dies. mom laughs. try again.

Attempt #2: car jumps and dies. mom laughs.

I get frustrated.

Attempt #3: mom is laughing so hard she can't tell me what to do. I quit and pout.

I haven't set foot in the drivers seat of a manual transmission since. I want to learn though. There is a car that I'm deathly afraid of ruining (forever!) that has been offered to me a few times... it never happens, so I take that as a sign. i'm open to it still, but you won't find me asking for it. I'm terrified... I think I could handle the laughing better, I just don't want to find out.

My fear is so deep that it prevents me from seeking it out... I think that's a pretty good reason to finally master it, right?!

Plinky Prompt: Describe a skill you'd like to master.


xoxoKrysten said...

Totally time to learn!

I had an ex promise that he would teach me to drive one. And he never did. He would have been a good teacher too!

I just need to find someone that drives a stick to teach me. I just hate the idea of not knowing!

Anonymous said...

Do it! and don't worry about people laughing. I think everyone drives pretty sh*tty on their first try.

Kristi said...

I learned how to drive a stick with my dad's 1960 Corvette (red, convertible). Huge incentive to drive a stick! My first two vehicles were manuals also (and I am only on car #4)

LY said...

Ah...the persuit of the manual transmission. I know it well.

Well kind of - Paul tried to teach me after we got married and it did not go well. More than 6 years later - I still don't know. I too would definitely like to try it again and this time, hopefully with a better attitude on my part.

Go for it, Ang!


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