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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why is it our business?

I don't understand why Tiger Woods' personal life is any of our business.  Any celeb for that matter...

Specifically Tiger though, why does he have to apologize {to us} for cheating on his wife?  Isn't his personal life his business?  I just don't get it... maybe you feel differently and can help me understand?


Lovi said...

I totally agree. But I think the reason he "has" to do it because at some point he has to publically acknowledge thats true because otherwise, he will get asked the question over and over and over again. Not that this will stop it.

So if he's going to talk about it publicly, then I guess apologizing in general is what they think is best.

But I totally agree with - its between him and his wife. Period.

xoxoKrysten said...

Although I don't really think it's RIGHT, I think that being a celeb forces that celeb to give up a certain amount of privacy. Obviously some celebrities go to great lengths to keep their lives private but that's not an easy thing.

In any case, I kind of look at Tiger Woods the same way I look at Bill Clinton. Did they both screw up? Yep. Do they both owe the women in their lives an apology? Hell yes. Does it make them a bad golfer or president? Nope.

If I cared about golf (which I don't) I'd still be more worried about how Tiger plays the game and less worried about who's sleeping in his bed.

But that many mistresses. Holy man.

Lynne said...

i couldn't agree with you more. i don't want an apology coz I don't care what he does. He owes that to his wife and children.And the only reason he is apologizing is coz he got caught.

Anonymous said...

I am so bad about these things. I loooove the Hollywood gossip websites. I take sides and everything, especially when infidelity's involved.

I don't care about Tiger's apology bc he's only sorry he got caught. If he hadn't gotten caught, he would still be doing it.

I felt truly sad and disappointed when I found out about Tiger, even though it has nothing to do with me or even his golfing.

He doesn't owe me an apology, though. That's crazy.


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