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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random v10.14

A few quickies:
  • A quick fact about me and my past eating habits: Up until probably 2-3 years ago, I would have never dreamed of eating anything that was spicy hot.  Slowly I began trying bites here and there and working my way towards eating spicy things.  It's a slow process but I've come a LONG ways, I actually crave spicy hot food!
    So the boyfriend puts hot sauce on his eggs and whatnot and the other weekend we made buffalo chicken wing sauce from scratch.  The main component of the sauce was Frank's Red Hot Sauce... now, you may have heard the commercials on the radio with the little old lady?  Maybe you've seen them on TV?  If not, check out this video for an example of why I was so excited to try Frank's Red Hot Sauce:

    SO anyhow - the wing sauce was good...and Steve began putting that sh*t on everything.  This past weekend I put some on my breakfast hash browns... I fell in LOVE!  and now... I've been putting that sh*t on everything ;)  I'm a big girl now!
  • Our trip to Hawaii is in... however many days the little counter to the right says ... and we finally have our final itinerary set.  Lots of time to relax, sit on the beach, and stroll around town but also lots to do.  We are going to drive the Road to Hana, we are going to see the sunrise at the peak of the Haleakala Crater (cold and early), we're going to watch the Super Bowl in a bar, we're going to a Luau, Whale watching tour, snorkeling ... so many things and that's just on Maui.  While in Honolulu, we'll be hiking to the top of Diamond Head Crater and going to see Pearl Harbor, along with stopping at some food places mentioned on Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives.
    Our final payment is due next week, so we'll be paid off and that makes it really ... real.
    The one downside to this trip (yes, there is a downside) is ... boys, plug your ears...  I'll probably be getting my damn period the first day or two of the trip.  This is a bummer for many reasons, but I've vowed to not let it stop me... as I've never let the little bastard stop me in the past.
  • Steve and I have started streaming Dexter through Netflix, on the Wii.  I LOVE this show... so much, I've been dreaming about it.  We are almost finished with season 1, just 2 episodes left to watch and I'm hoping to watch them tonight.  Season 2 is on streaming, but nothing beyond that... so we'll have to either go rent it or wait for the discs to be mailed (which is lame).  I love the streaming of movies through Netflix, it's solid.  I wish there were more options!  I love Dexter.
  • My birthday is one week from today (on the 16th), I'll be 29.  Is it lame that I'm excited for Facebook birthday wishes?  Most people on facebook rarely communicate with me, so why would I want them to wish me a happy birthday via facebook?  Isn't it kind of... fake well wishes?  Fake is a bad word, hopefully you know what I'm saying.  I also look forward to blog birthday wishes, so I'll be sure to post so you can be sure to wish me well on my special day! ;)
    On the Facebook topic - I've tried to unfriend some people as of late and like the next day or within a week later I had a friend request from these people.  It's really just people that I don't talk to and most I barely remember from High School... it's odd to me.  It's fun to reconnect with some people but once the novelty wears off I don't see much point.
  • Christmas is coming up - I said in this post that I wanted to be done by the end of November.  Well, I wasn't but I was done shopping by December 7th, so that's not too bad.  In all honesty I was done before that, but I bought things for my cousins on the 7th that I wanted to give them instead of what I already purchased for them.  So now I need to return the other things I got.  I think I have all that I need for wrapping as well, now I just have to finish that up; should be a breeze as I love to wrap (and rap, hehe).
    My holiday plans are as follows:
    December 24th I'm going to Church with Steve and his parents then his dad makes homemade pizza that night, so we'll all enjoy that together.
    December 25th I will wake up and head over to my brother and SIL's house for brunch and presents with them, my nieces, my mom and my boyfriend.  I'll then go home and get ready for the big Christmas day family event with my dad's side of the family (which is 29 strong if everyone shows up).  That'll take up the rest of my day.
    December 26th is going to be the family day with Steve and his {whole} family.  Not sure the timing exactly, but I think it's going to be a late morning thing, as most will have to work the next day.
    What are your holiday plans??


Kristi said...

FYI-You can skip your period by taking your next pack of pills after week 3 instead of the placebos. I go 12 weeks on, one week off so only 4 periods a year!!

PS I have done no shopping yet this year

Ang said...

@Kristi - not on the pill... my body no likey :(

Ang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I had my period the first 2 days of my honeymoon - I feel your pain. At the time I was on the pill but didn't want to screw up my body and somehow accidentally end up pregnant so... I figured I would just play it safe.

Oh and I totally get excited when my birthday rolls around and I get lots of FB birthday wishes. Kind of lame but whatevs!

gringationcancun said...

I had my period the week of my wedding (which was also when my family was here on vacation). No biggie... tampons are awesome.

Facebook birthday wishes are great!!

Dana Leigh said...

1- My friend makes a fantastic buffalo dip which has Frank's in it. I love spice but I prefer Asian hot to Mexican or buffalo hot.

2- I've had Dexter sitting in my queue for like a year! I need to take the time and watch it. I know I'll love it.

3- My holiday plans are Christmas Eve with my mom's side, Christmas Day my immediate family and January 15th my dad's side.

P.S. I know it's a bummer about your period but don't worry about it. You'll be fine!


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