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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Big 2-9

Yep - I'm 29 today, but not until 11:57pm.

2 years ago today, I got home from work, showered, got in my car to meet my dad and Raquel for a play in Minneapolis and got into an accident.  That was not my favorite birthday ever.

This year's birthday is proving to be much better!  Got my free coffee from Dunn Bros this morning.  Got to work and had cards and gifts waiting for me... by 7am, I had well over 20 Facebook postings!

Later this morning I got a post from my cousin that is worth keeping forever (and my blog is the place to keep that) - you won't get most of this, but it means the world to me:

Today is going to be wonderful - special thanks to those of you who've posted on my facebook wall or given me a shout out on your blogs!  That's pretty bomb :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Can't wait to hear all about it. :) Sounds like you have fun friends to celebrate with.

(If I don't leave a message on your wall, it's because my FB is blocked!)

Smart Ass Sara said...

I'm glad you are having such an awesome birthday!! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

So glad to hear that this birthday is fabulous. You totally deserve it. Enjoy this last year before the big 3-0!

prettylittlereckless said...

happy birthday!

Kristi said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Celebrate it up, this is your day, your weekend!

Dana Leigh said...

Happy Birthday again! I missed saying HB to you on FB...sorry. :( I don't go on there every day. Enjoy your last year of your 20's but know that the 30's are even better! ♥

I remember the story of your car accident on your b-day. I can't believe that was 2 years ago already!


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