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Friday, March 26, 2010


So I've been sick... since Wednesday really.  I woke up with a sore throat, went to work anyhow, but decided to take Thursday off.  I never work on Friday's, so today wasn't a real issue.  I'm curious though, what you people do when you're sick.. and more specifically regarding caffeine.

I'm a coffee drinker, 2 cups every day.  So when I'm sick, I don't necessarily feel like drinking coffee, but at the same time I kind of do.  So, I'm at home... with my own coffee pot and my own coffee.  I make a half pot (which is a bit more than I can drink anyhow)... and I drink my 2 cups.  I love my coffee and, while it's probably not the best thing for me to be drinking while I'm sick, I have a hard time skipping it for the day.  That and I don't want to get a headache from not having it.

What do you do when you're sick?  Do you stick to your normal caffeine intake or cut back on it?


xoxoKrysten said...

Do you drink tea at all?

Whenever I'm sick I'll switch over to tea. ESPECIALLY if my throat is sore. Tea with a bit of honey, actually. You could drink a green tea because that will still give you some caffeine but it's also good for you. I know it's not the same as coffee (boy do I know) but that could help.

If I remember, green tea doesn't have as much caffeine as coffee but black tea has more. That could help too!

JerseySjov said...

ditto to tea

Magpie said...

I don't drink tea or coffee. I know. I'm a FREAK! I subsist solely on a steady diet of hot chocolates.

I'm sorry you're feeling unwell. :( I HATE being sick, so sending you a big hug from across the sea, and thinking it's a good thing I wrote about a sunny place today for you to visit, with that sickness!

Feel better!

Lynne said...


Dana Leigh said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. I don't drink caffeine so not a worry for me!

Kellie said...

When I'm sick I don't eat anything.. and hardly drink anything. Then as soon as I feel better I stuff my face.

Ang said...

Thanks everyone, I know (I really do KNOW) that I should drink tea, but I just love my coffee soo much! Plus, coffee is always on hand.


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