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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random v10.4

  • What is this world coming to?  Did you guys hear this story out of Cali, about the guy that was stabbed with a meat thermometer?!  I'm NOT kidding.  He was in a movie theater, a woman was in there talking on her cell, he asked her to silence her phone (and her fat mouth, I'd assume).. she left the theater with two guys and minutes later the guys came back and stabbed this dude in the neck ... WITH A MEAT THERMOMETER!  Read the whole story here, if you care to, but it's not much more than what I've just told ya.  I'm serious though, what is this world coming to?  You can't even go to a movie and enjoy peace and quiet anymore without getting stabbed in the neck (with a meat thermometer!).  It's not okay!
  • Actor, Corey Haim, was found dead this morning.  What's with all the {accidential} drug overdoses in Hollywood as of late?  I was scared to take Excedrin Migraine on top of ibuprofen over the weekend... obviously, I've learned something from seeing all the death; have you?
  • I'm super (SUPER) bummed about Joe Nathan.  For those that don't follow one of the leagues best pitchers, he is a Minnesota Twin, a closing pitcher.  Since '04, he has the most saves of anyone in the league.  That's pretty huge.  He's pretty huge.  Now he has a pretty huge tear in his elbow ligament.  A season ending tear... some are saying it could be more than just a season.  Joe Nathan is my second favorite player in all of the majors... to watch him pitch is like nothing you've ever seen before.  More than anything, he is the best at what he does.... and you can see it in his eyes.  I can't imagine going through this season without seeing him up on the mound.  I seriously am devastated over this; the only thing worst that could happen would be something happening to Mauer.  ugh... let's not even go there.
  • Who Tweets?  I don't really care if you follow me, I have a Twitter account, but rarely tweet on it.  HOWEVER... you do need to follow Conan!  He's pee your pants hilarious!  Follow him here, then tell me you didn't laugh once - go ahead, I dare ya!
  • So, LT is coming to Minnesota to talk with the Vikings (yes Lyndz, it's true!)... I have mixed feelings on this.  Not even remotely close to the feelings I had when Favre was in talks with the Vikes... but more feelings of can he do it? does he still have it?  I know that sometimes that is not the question to ask, I'm sure he could be an extremely valuable addition to our team, even though he is past his prime. It still brings up questions though, and with the loss of Chester Taylor, he may just be what we need.  I'm pretty sad over that loss too, I think Taylor was a great player, he just didn't get enough play time.  I love how football never stops, just because the season is over!
  • I'm working on a new banner that incorporates one of my favorite things about spring and an item on my {soon to be published} bucket list.  Any guesses of what it might be or have to do with?

Wow, that got long, sorry!  Maybe I should have called it "here are a bunch of links and news for you"...


xoxoKrysten said...

If something happened to Mauer I'm pretty sure I'd cry. Yep. Pretty sure.

Oh and who stabs someone with a MEAT THERMOMETER. And who sits on their cell in a movie theater (except for silly teenage girls who should be BANNED).

Kristi said...

FYI- Twitter is a very convenient way to update your status in multiple places.... Facebook, your blog, Google Buzz, etc. I actually use Tweetdeck and manage all of my accounts in one place. I read most "tweets" from restaurants and foodies, but with Tweetdeck I can also see everyone's Facebook status and be able to respond which is sweet since FB is blocked at work. (although I rarely have time to do anything other than teach and work!)

gringationcancun said...

Sorry! I still don't get the purpose of Twitter... can't I just update my Facebook? People keep trying to explain it to me, but it still sounds redundant.

What am I missing?

Ang said...

@Gringa -I have a Twitter for news and info. I rarely post my own, and when I do, it's a re-tweet of news. I don't use it as a status feed, because I do have that on facebook. I follow the Twins, Vikings, local news sources, music I like, etc. You're not missing anything really, cause you can get all of that other places.

JerseySjov said...

What the heck!? who OWNS a meat thermometer, much less brings it to the movies with them! yiiikes

Kellie said...

Two thoughts..

1. Who stabs someone in the neck with a meat thermometer?! Who stabs someone period.. sheesh.

2. I am a Chargers girl.. and I am so sad we lost LT. So, so sad. I still think he's got it. But I might be a homer.. or whatever.

Forgetful Girl said...

I just read your blog to see if you write more about your eyebrows...

Found you on 20SB!

Lovi said...

I love Conan too!


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