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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh Android...

... how you haunt me!

I currently reside with AT&T Wireless as a cell phone service provider.  I currently own a Blackberry Pearl.  I've owned a Blackberry for several years, always the Pearl because of it's size.  The current Pearl is a 'hand-me-down', I was given this smart phone for free by an acquaintance, who never used it and was willing to part with it.  It was a downgrade (by way of model number and software) from the Pearl I had, but that Pearl wasn't operating as it should, so in a sense, it was an upgrade (because it operated, period).   
My Pearl is noticeably slower, my applications (the few I have and use, like Google Maps) run at the speed of a turtle, which.. when using Maps, I can generally find my way where I'm going before the map loads it, either that or end up lost.
Now I'm starting to notice it failing, period.  I have reports of somewheres around 3-7 text messages lost in cyberspace.  The other day, it refused to hang up the many times I pressed the 'end call' button (Good thing I wasn't trying to hang up on someone to make a point!).  A reminder failed to remind me, lucky for me, I didn't need to be reminded of this particular event.  Plus a few other things I don't remember... and I'm sure the next thing to go is my alarm clock, which I use daily.

So now... I'm starting (well, I'm past 'starting', at this point) to think about a new phone.  My history on phones is quick and simple; I always had the free (or cheapest) Nokia phone offered, I knew how to use it, I mastered the SOB.  Then upon deciding I wanted a smart phone, I went Blackberry, and I've had the Pearl ever since.  I know how to use it.. I have mastered the SOB.  
New phones, ones out of my comfort zone, have me a bit stressed.  I hear about this Android operating system, how it's Google's OS, and I'm instantly interested.  For those new to my blog, I fancy any and all Google products.... like hardcore, okay... super hardcore.

Thus begins my research.  Upon beginning I find that AT&T does not offer any Android powered phones... LAME.  However, they have one coming soon... along with several others.  I then find out that AT&T is changing the Google powered phone (the first one offered) to use a Yahoo! powered search feature.  WTF?!  Really?!  Why?!  I don't understand this and assume that they will follow suit with all other phones - so I start researching other options.  Unlocked phones; phones that I have control over.  I find myself extremely confused and overwhelmed with options.  I have this friend, Dawn, who is also all about Google things and she has an Android phone... so she starts blowing up my Facebook with links and information to read.  Now I'm even more overwhelmed with facts.  UGH. 

Not only are these unlocked phones extremely expensive, they are hard to find... and I don't really have a chance to play with them to know if I'll like them.  So I'm basing my decisions on looks, stats (to assure it's compatible with my network), and user reviews (which, on phones, is so hard because everyone has different features they like/dislike).  I find one, at a reasonable price, send Dawn the link and she says "HELL NO", for many reasons.  So I decide fuck it, I'm going to wait, find patience, and hold out until AT&T releases something different, then reassess.  Patience is NOT one of my strong suits.  So I begin to wait... and then Dawn sends me this link, for the Google Nexus One; a phone Google makes and sells on their site and not in stores.  They also offer this phone on T-mobile and if you sign a 2 year contract you can get the phone at a very reasonable price.  I get excited and rush to the site, thinking Hells yeah, my patience paid off, now I can get a bomb phone for cheap and know AT&T can't put their grubby hands on it!  WRONG.  Google is offering the phone, compatible with AT&T's 3G Network, unlocked.. but it's not available through AT&T, so there is no deal if you sign a contract.  Whatever really... until you see the price; $529.00! 

I now have 2 phones available to me; a Motorola that has been tapped by AT&T and isn't really a Google powered phone (and who wants a Motorola anyways?  Not me), or an actual Google phone, for almost as much as I plan to pay for my flight to Hawaii next winter.  
My plan is to go back to waiting, find the patience I had almost successfully found before, and see what AT&T ruins next time around.  All the rumors point to these 'droids coming out within the next couple months... so it shouldn't be that hard to wait, and hopefully my little Pearl can hold out that long (that really is the bigger issue).  I'll continue to check AT&T Wireless daily until I see that another phone is coming soon or has been released... at that point, I will spend the next 4 days reading about that phone and deciding if I want it or not.  

So, sorry about this super long post about my childish needs, I really just wanted to say that I want and Android!  I can get pretty carried away.


Dawn said...

I didn't mean to overwhelm you Ang...I'm sorry. I just like to make informed decisions, and thought I was helping. I'm so sorry!!! I didn't want you to make a choice and then absolutely HATE it.

Ang said...

Dawn, you have helped! I promise... I'm just being a baby, cause I want one NOW!

Kristi said...

Why not the iPhone???
I have a hand-me-down Blackjack and it is fine for is a Smartphone but I have that turned off because I am too cheap to pay the extra $30 for Data plan on top of the $55 I already pay to At&T every month. E would also love the Android, but I would take the iPhone

Ang said...

I have no interest in the iPhone. I'm not an Apple girl... Google all the way. It's how I live my life!

JerseySjov said...

i'm sure i'd love a smartphone if i had one, but for now i love my little samsung guy. it sends texts and wakes me up in the morning, that's all i really need in a phone.

Magpie said...

I'm not sure what an Android is, but all I can say is DO NOT GET AN LG. Seriously it is the WORST phone ever. No exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't help ya...

I have a $30 cell phone with no plan. I just recharge more minutes when I run out.

Love it!! No hassle.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't help ya...

I have a $30 cell phone with no plan. I just recharge more minutes when I run out.

Love it!! No hassle.

Dana Leigh said...

Ha, I was waiting for Verizon to get the iphone and you're waiting for AT&T to get a Droid. After having the Droid HTC, I love it and could care less about the iphone. I've never had a smart phone before and have nothing to compare it to though but I am guessing that when you do finally get your Droid, you will love it! Hopefully that's sooner than later.


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