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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A haiku about a fried egg sandwich

Plinky Prompt: Write a haiku about the last meal you ate.

eggs of many colors
Big Fried Egg Sandwich

With Bacon, Cheese, and Green Stuff

Yum.. Avocado


xoxoKrysten said...

Have you ever read the Jessica Darling series? The first book is Sloppy Firsts. When you do these haikus I totally think of those books.

Kristi said...

Yum! Haikus are fun, nice work

Anonymous said...

Cute!! mmmm avocado!

Ang said...

@Krysten - no i have not read those books.. but maybe I should?!

Kate said...

Mustard salami
Sandwich at the computer
Poor student lifestyle.

xoxoKrysten said...

Ang - if you're looking for kind of a cute easy ready. With haikus, of course.

Magpie said...

This made me smile! Thanks for giving me my happy smile of the day!

Dana Leigh said...

Nicely done, with a good visual to boot!


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