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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mauer with a Hitch

I remember exactly where I was when I got the news... It was Sunday and I was in the kitchen of my boyfriends parents house.  I reached inside my purse to turn my Blackberry from {annoying} ring to vibrate, as to not have someone call during dinner and disrupt the flow of conversation.  I see that annoying little red light flashing telling me one of many possible things, most likely that I have a text or an email.  I decide to look; it's an email... from the Minnesota Twins.  I see the first few words of the email subject line: Twins agree to terms... my heart stops knowing the only player we have been waiting for terms with is the love of my life, Joe "Lips" Mauer.  I have {HAVE} to open it... here and now!
The Minnesota Twins announced Sunday that they have agreed to terms with catcher Joe Mauer on a eight-year, $184 million contract extension covering the 2011-2018 seasons. The deal, which includes a full no-trade clause, will be made official at a 7:00 pm (ET) press conference on Monday, March 22. Mauer, 26, batted .365 with 30 doubles, one triple, 28 home runs and 96 RBIs in 138 games with the Twins last season en route to becoming the AL MVP.
You're kidding, can this be real?  He's ours?  OURS?!  For 8 YEARS!
I try to contain my excitement; Steve's family doesn't need to know {let alone see} how crazy in love I am with this guy.  Happiest news ever!  I couldn't be happier that we have signed him, that he wanted to be in Minnesota, that we'll be able to enjoy another several years with some great players playing at Target Field!

Read the full story here.

A sad Twins related story is that we've lost Joe Nathan, out All-Star closing pitcher, due to an elbow injury.  This makes me sad.  Next to Mauer, Nathan is my favorite player, for sure my favorite pitcher.  I hope we can find someone to fill his shoes while he is out having surgery and recovering.  He will be missed.

A quick, off-topic {but exciting} note:  Yesterday, on my way home from work... I noticed a person standing on the side of the road; guess who it was. HITCHHIKER BOY!  Nothing much to say other that it's extremely ironic that he came back into my life yesterday, shortly after reading this bloggers story about The Briefcase.  Well, that and the fact that I know he has made it through yet another Minnesota winter and he is still alive!  I do hope to be posting more about him in the coming weeks and months.  I likely will not be picking him up in 2010.


xoxoKrysten said...

I was SO SO excited to hear about Mauer! Absolutely FABULOUS! I just wish Nathan was okay because what an amazing season. It still will be but I hate missing players!

Also I SWEAR I am going to email you back - I'm trying to deal with getting school set up since my semester starts on the 5th, yikes!

Kristi said...

YAY for Mauer!!!! My Retro Twins Mauer Jersey just got more expensive.... can't wait to finally wear it to the new park this year :)

PS Cool that hitchhiker is still alive and kickin!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading all the details on Hitchhiker Guy! Try to get a pic haha

Magpie said...

Oh go on, pick him up! Do it! That would be one hell of a blog story. And you never know, he might ask you if you've seen the boogey man. Maybe it's an international hobo thing.

Also the twins thing.. I'm assuming you're talking about baseball, and I know NOTHING about baseball, so I will gracefully bow out now!

Ang said...

Oh yes, surely talking about Baseball! You don't need to know anything about baseball to appreciate this guys talent and good looks!

Dana Leigh said...

It's such great news that our hometown boy will be here for so long. And yes, sad news about Nathan. I'm just hoping that his career is not done. It's baseball season, girly! Exciting!


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